First Time Sex Story, Time! I would love to share with you all of the naughty things that happened to me the first time I had sex with this super naughty Ageplay phone sex story!!

So, my first time sex story I was all alone in my basement minding my business playing Call of Duty Black Ops. When all of a sudden I heard footsteps coming down the stairs! Now mind you, I loved playing video games without any bottoms on, just sitting there, in a baby tee with my fuzzy blanket over my lap. So I was pretty nervous as to what was going to happen if the person who was entering the basement determined that I was laying there all by my lonesome with only my t-shirt on!

That’s when I heard his voice “Gracie, what are you doing down here?” he asked looking down inside the stairwell. I knew that I had to act fast or I was going to be in trouble so I called out to him letting him know that I was ok as I quickly reached for my shorts. That’s when I noticed that I was too late. That he was standing right next to me and my rear end was exposed.

You could imagine my horror and shock knowing I was about to get into A LOT of trouble.

Although something strange happened, I didn’t get in trouble… Instead, I felt Daddy’s hand softly sliding across my backside. I had no clue what was going on but he sat down next to me not saying A word. I was still sitting there no clothes on my bottom, waiting to get in trouble.

However, he just picked me up scooting me into his lap. I could feel his lack of clothes beneath me as I sat there… “Continue to play your game, Gracie,” Daddy told me as he began to softly touch me all over my tight young body.

I knew exactly what he was doing…

And I let him.

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