I loved it when Daddy’s friend taught me how to have sex!

You know every young girl is always curious wondering how to have sex! I wasn’t excluded from the group of horny young sluts wondering exactly what was going on and how to be super naughty!!

One day I was sitting home alone waiting for my parents to get back from their trip overseas when Daddy’s best friend showed up at the door! I had no clue what he was doing there but he made up some stupid excuse about needing Daddy’s screwdriver gun thingy! My Daddy totally wasn’t the type to do any manual labor himself!

So, I let him in totally curious about what he was up to! He told me that Daddy told him to come over and check on me! It was cool though I really wanted someone to hang out with and he was fun enough! Soooo… He came in and chilled with me in the living room while we watched a movie!

Before I knew it though he was moving closer and rubbing his hand down my thigh! I could feel him starting to softly rub his fingers against my naughty spot! You know, the one that parents tell girls not to let anyone touch! It felt really good though, I couldn’t help but let him! When all of the sudden he looked deep into my eyes and spoke.

“Don’t tell your parents!”

He said slipping my shorts to the side as I felt his fingers lingering in my no-no area! It made me super tingly inside that he was being so naughty!!

He taught me so many things that day while my parents were away!  Would you like to see some of the super naughty things I was taught?

Come spend some super naughty time with me!!!

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