Horse Sex in the Forest Made Me Cum So Hard!

Horse sex ranks amongst the best types of sex out there! Think about what happens when a tight French pussy meets with a huge, stallion cock. Stretching for sure, and lots and lots of cumming!

I’ve always been drawn to horses. In fact, my first orgasm occurred when I was twelve and riding on a horse, bouncing up and down in a way that made my tiny virgin pussy scream!

I first had horse sex while hiking in a region where wild horses are known to roam around. While walking in the woods, I heard something behind me. Sure enough, it was a big, beautiful brown horse.

He looked very friendly so I started petting him. Neighing, he rubbed his head on my shirt, making my large tits bounce.

I didn’t expect to get turned on like I did. The horse was obviously horny; his huge rock hard cock was hanging between his rear legs. Since there was no one around, I decided to have a bit of fun.

Getting on the ground, I grabbed the horse’s dick in my hands, then slowly wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock. I stuck it in my mouth as far as it would go, then gave the cock a few nice big licks.

I guess the horse liked it, cause he neighed, pushing his cock further in my mouth. Who knew I’d end up having oral sex with a horse in the middle of a forest?!!

I could tell my pussy was aching for more and so was the horse. I’ll let you guess what happened next!

Since then, I’ve also had animal sex with dogs but horse sex still ranks as number one! Still on my list are killer whales, dolphins and any kind of animal that is known to be horny and has a big dick! Any suggestions?

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