First Time Cuckold Surprise: He’s been dreaming about it. Today’s the day I’m making those fantasies a reality.

First time cuckold surprise, I’ve been obsessed! Ever since that awesome cuckold humiliation experience I had over the holidays, I’ve wanted more more more (and did I mention more?)! Returning from a weeklong getaway with my favorite professor, I found the perfect opportunity. After discovering his car dead in the airport parking garage, we called for a cab. As our driver hopped out to pack our luggage into the trunk, neither of us could stop staring at him.

Omg, this man was super HOT! First of all, he had a body that made me want to fuck him right there.

Secondly, he had hair black as sin and blue eyes that promised all manner of decadent delights. As this sexy stranger gave us a knowing, wicked grin, I knew he was already mine.

We slid into the back seat. It was unseasonably cold and rainy in Phoenix that night, so the blasting heater felt great. As we pulled away from the curb, Sam gave me a hopeful look and an amused glance at the back of the driver’s head. Indeed, I knew what my wannabe cuck was thinking.

Clearly, it was time to pop his cuckold cherry! With this in mind, my subtly questing hand found him … mmm yes, already rock hard. What a perfect start.

As we proceeded downtown, we exchanged introductions. Aaron told us he was 23 years old and drove a cab while attending grad school at ASU. He looked SO familiar. Hmm, did I run into him on campus sometime? Who knows?

Beneath the concealing jacket in his lap, Sam casually unzipped his fly so that I could free his growing erection from his jeans.

As the three of us continued to chat, I casually stroked my boyfriend’s now raging hard-on, using just the right rhythm and pressure that I knew always made Sam insane. As a result, he kept shifting in his seat. Was Aaron already watching us? Maybe! However, his tone remained casual as he expertly navigated through the airport traffic and onto the freeway.

By the time rush hour traffic slowed the taxi to a crawl, you could almost taste the heat. I took my time with Sam, teasing us both unmercifully as I let our arousal and the need slowly build.

After all, a first time cuckold surprise experience like this one should be fully savored, don’t you think?

Aaron glanced up at me in his rearview mirror. Although he couldn’t see exactly what we were doing, he probably had a pretty good idea! His gaze met mine, and I gave him a sensual smile as I licked my lips. Sam’s jaw was clenched as he fought to remain silent. Of course, he knew I would stop if he made a single sound.

I leaned over to purr teasingly in my lover’s ear. “You need to cum, don’t you. Say it. Tell Aaron what you want him to do with me. While you watch.”

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