CUCKOLD HUMILIATION is what you CRAVE, isn’t it, sissy slut?

Cuckold humiliation amuses the fuck out of me! Not only do I get to enjoy another opportunity to dominate and torment you, but you’re also getting your deepest needs fulfilled. Moreover, you’ll never forget your first time cuckold experience at my hands. Win-win!

You called me the other night, begging to be used and tormented by yours truly. “I need to suffer for you tonight. Please don’t let me cum, Mistress!” While you undoubtedly stroked your tiny clitty at the same time, you begged me to hang up on you if I suspected you were about to orgasm without permission.

Predictably, you also begged me to promise to simply hang up at the end anyway. Of course, that means you won’t be allowed any release whatsoever. What fun!

Knowing that your unsuspecting family was home, I laugh at you, calling you a “dumb cunt” and a “dirty little bitch.” Furthermore, I threaten to get you so excited that you can’t possibly stay quiet. Sissy whore that you are, it’s clear you’re hoping they’ll hear you! Admit it, fucktoy.

However, you’re not really suffering enough yet, are you?

I know your perverted cuckold humiliation needs, inside and out. For this reason, I command you to tie up your pathetic clit and tiny ball sack with a dirty pair of my pantyhose so that you can’t possibly cum.

Then, what happens next? You remember, don’t you? My boyfriend showed up, bringing 4 of his friends with him. All of them are sporting MASSIVE erections and they’re ALL eager to fuck me. Just because I can, I order you to watch on webcam while I take all 5 of them on at once!

Don’t you wish you were actually here with us, bitch? Oh yes, I know you do. Because you’re aching to witness what “cums” next as you kneel there, flicking your tiny bean, right? As you whimper and cry and shiver with unrelieved lust, you watch hungrily as they take turns fucking me.

As I scream with pleasure at the hands (dicks?! LOL) of REAL MEN, you remember that you’re just a worthless sissy slut who doesn’t deserve release. EVER.

If you were here with us for real, I’d make you lick every drop of creamy jizz from my toned, college girl body. Last but not least, you’d eagerly suck up every once of creampie, straight from my quivering pussy.

In spite of all this cuckold humiliation, that’s not your favorite part, is it?

No. Each and every time you call, you depend on me to give you what you truly need. Hearing your pained moans, I giggle wickedly at you before doing exactly what you need the most. Ready, cuck?

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