First time cuckold-Our spouses were in for a shock!

It was homecoming week and all of the High School was abuzz. It was no wonder that I was spending a lot of time in here this week with the committee preparing the decorations. I could not keep my eyes off the hot new coach that was recently hired.

I knew he was married and so was I but it did not stop me from fantasizing. The teen girls surrounding me would catch me staring and tease me relentlessly but I noticed they would stare too.

I was such a nerd and so nonathletic that I was certain that the coach did not even know I existed. That day my husband came to pick me up and as I was gathering up my coat I saw coach approach and shake his hand. We all said our goodbyes and my husband questioned me about him in the car.

I blew it off as him being a bit of a snob. I did not want to talk about this God-like man to my husband. Nothing more was said until a few days later when I walked into the gym. The coach was there sorting through some decorations and helping the girls out. We exchanged pleasantries and he insisted on helping me hang the stars from the ceiling. His hand was on my back as I climbed the ladder and again balancing me each time I reached overhead.

Each time he would hold me longer and squeeze me tighter and each time I would breathe him in and dream about tearing his clothes off!

We ripped each other’s clothes!

Finally, the night of the dance arrived. Coach and I were both assigned dancefloor duty. It was fun watching the kids dancing and having fun. The coach even took me in his arms and danced me around the floor a few times. Those moments standing in his arms were miraculous. Even if he kept a respectful distance in order to set an example for the kids. Toward the end of the night, he whisked me into the showers and gave me a long halting kiss. I was breathless and shocked. I looked him in the eyes and like starving beasts, we began ripping each other’s clothes off.

Frantically I pulled and tugged at his and my clothes needing to feel his hot bare skin pressed against mine. He lifted my legs and wrapped them around his powerful hips and thrust deep and hard inside me. Once there he froze. I knew better than to move or say a word, just let him have his moment and everything would be great. He had me up against the wall legs spread wide his dick buried deep in my pussy. I was not going to jeopardize that. I needed him to thrust deep and hard and make me cum.

We laughed as we ran into the showers!

He did just that and I exploded all over him! Just as I was squirting cum all over his dick he released and let out a howl as he cum so hard inside me. We laughed after a few moments and ran into the shower together. We knew that some kids could catch us at any time but we felt like kids ourselves. He cleansed my body so sensuously that we soon were fucking again standing under the water. That is when they walked in…….

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