So far, I have been super lucky that in all my sexual experiences. The guys have had nice dicks that are nice and big. However, all things come to an end. And, for me, that first SPH experience is finally here.

As a hot college coed, I am getting hit on day and night. Of course, not all of the guys are from school. For instance, Daddy Dom is a bookstore owner. He and I meet off-campus.

The same is true for Chad. He is smoking hot and funny. We have only been hanging out a bit but I am going to his house for dinner tonight. Finally, I get to fuck his sexy ass.

Of course, little do I know it is my first SPH experience waiting to happen.

I am so much more different than the Naive Mormon Girl that started college. Now, I am wild and kinky. I love sex with my roommate, married men, and have Daddy dom ruling over me.

Lucky for me Daddy is into letting me act out sexually and punishing me later. Of course, as his submissive, I love all the punishment he is willing to give me. His hand connecting with my ass cheek is exquisite.

So, it is the night of our dinner. No thoughts of my first SPH experience are in my head. He is promising a lovely dinner and I am hungry too. When I arrive his house smells yummy. As we eat the appetizer we are just chatting away.

We move onto dinner and it is fantastic!

After dinner, we are sitting in his living room and start making out. Chad is quite the kisser. And, I love a man that is a good kisser. As we are kissing, he is exploring my body with his hands.

Oh, that is nice. He is sliding his hand into my panties. Wow, his hands are extremely adept at working my pussy. I am climaxing within minutes and his hand is covered in my juice.

As he pulls his hand out of my panties, I take it in my hands and lick my juice off of his fingers. Still not expecting that first SPH experience and yet it is coming very soon.

I love exploring a man’s body and it is my turn to please Chad.

You can ask Daddy or any of my callers. As a submissive, I must please my dominant lovers. Of course, Chad is a new love interest, but all of my guys are my doms.

When I am online doing calls with my Hot Phone Sex, I want all my callers to be happy. As a submissive, I am theirs to command and control. Pleasing and serving them is my goal.

With Chad, I expect it to be the same. So, even if it is my first SPH experience, I will serve him as I should. As I start using my mouth and hands to roam his body, I slide my hand into his pants.

As I feel that tiny cock, I start laughing at my first SPH experience.

Oh, my, gosh. I did not mean to laugh. Chad is staring at me in shock and I am apologizing to him. Then, I tell him it is the smallest dick I have ever seen in my short experience with sex.

That seems to satisfy him as I start stroking and massaging that tiny little cock. Inside, every part of me is completely disappointed and sad. Sad because I know he is going to leave me unsatisfied tonight.

Are you someone with a tiny pecker looking for a submissive girl that won’t laugh at you? Well, laugh too much. If so, call me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke