Who would have thought that my first lesbian date would lead to something so fucking hot the next day?

We both stumble into her apartment after I receive that very hot text. The text read, “I can let you know when I’m done with work and home, and then you could come over. And then, we could pick back up where we left off.” That was sent the day after our first lesbian date. Amateur college girls are just so much fun. We made out in the restaurant parking lot for a solid hour after eating dinner. We didn’t care at all that every car in the parking garage could see us almost tearing each other’s clothes off. It was so hard to drive away, but this moment in her apartment made everything so worth the wait.

I push her against the wall as soon as we enter her apartment. She has on the cutest little flannel t-shirt dress, and I hike up her dress. I bite my lip when I start to feel her bare ass in my hands. She isn’t wearing any panties at all. My lips never break contact with her, and it feels amazing. I think to myself that she is a great kisser. Just the right amount of firmness when her lips press against mine. I start to kiss down her neck and can’t help but to bite in a few places. I pull back and smile knowing that she is going to be bruised by them.

There is nothing hotter than seeing your bruises on someone.

Her body feels amazing grinding up on mine. I decide I can’t wait for us to get to her bedroom. So, I get on my knees right in front of her and pull her closer by her ass right in front of me. Then, I start to suck on her special parts, and she feels even better when my mouth is on her. It tastes so good, and I keep going for such a long time. I don’t stop until she pulls me back up by my hand and leads me into her bedroom.

We fall into her bed while still kissing. She can taste herself on my lips, and I know that just turns her on even more. I want her so badly so I pull her away, just so I can put my strap-on on. It’s my time to completely take her body. I need to hear her moans as I dive deep into her body. I make sure to use plenty of lube because I don’t want to hurt her…at least not yet.

The strap-on slides into her and her moans are so loud and hot. I start pumping deep inside of her knowing I am going to make her cum so hard. Her moans start to quicken, and I never thought my first lesbian date would have a hot follow-up like this. I almost cum just by seeing her cute tits bounce while I’m deep inside of her. Quickly, she starts to cum right on my strap-on. Her legs squeeze my shoulders and she completely falls into the bed.

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