Ariel’s First Anal Incest Experience


Little Ariel was a young girl when she had her first anal incest experience. She was far too young to even know what sex was, but here she was faced with the reality of the situation. Little Ariel was a small girl, about 4’3 with silky blond hair and big brown eyes. She was very petite for her age with a flat tummy and small waist. At this age, she didn’t even have breasts yet, only pretty pink little nipples.

She had two older brothers, but in today’s story, I want to share with you her experience with her oldest brother Tyler. He was four years older than Ariel with a dominant nature about him.  Little Ariel was timid and meek, she never stood in his way or challenged him. She was, after all, a good little girl.  So, when her first anal incest experience came, she had to obey. Here is her story.

A Sleep Over at Her Grandparent’s House Leads to Her First Anal Incest Experience

Everyone had gone to sleep after the pallet was made on the floor for little Ariel and Tyler. The room was dark and quiet, and Ariel could feel her brother’s curious fingers exploring her young innocent body. While caressing her nipples under her shirt, Tyler whispered into little Ariel’s ear. “I want you to follow me to the pool room outside. I want to show you something.”

Ariel meekly whispered back “OK.”

Towering above her, with young brotherly lust for his sister, Tyler knew this would be his first anal incest experience. Just the thought of her being his sister turned him on and got his young cock hard. He would stay up late at night thinking of her and her beautiful sexy body. His young hormones raged through his body relentlessly. He always thought she teased him with her young hot ass, and tonight was the night he was going to take that sweet little ass.

First Anal Incest Experience

“Take your clothes off, Ariel,” Tyler ordered.

“What?” Ariel asked.

“You heard me. Take your clothes off.” Ariel looked back at the door and decided that it would be a bad idea to leave, so she slowly took off her clothes. Little Ariel was standing there naked and vulnerable, while he stared at her trying to cover up her little bits. “Now turn around and let me see that ass.” She turns around slowly. Ariel had a plump little bubble butt ass with pale white silky-smooth skin. “Mmm…Very nice. Now bend over and touch your toes.” Ariel offered no resistance when she bent over. She could feel the cool breeze as her little ass cheeks began to split open, revealing her cute little pink young butt hole.  Of course, Ariel didn’t know what was about to happen. She didn’t know this would be her very first anal incest experience. And then it began.

The Compromise

Tyler’s young cock was rock hard staring at his young sister’s little round ass. With the lack of inexperience, he goes in dry.

Ariel winced “Oww! You’re too BIG! It won’t fit.” But that didn’t stop him from trying his first anal incest experience.

“Hold on. I just need to… MM push a little… MM harder! Ugh…” Tyler grunts. He then spits on his hand and rubs it into his throbbing cock. “There, that might make it a little easier. Look, if you will just let me get three deep pushes, I will cum for sure, but it must be balls deep, ok?”

Ariel thought about it. “Only three? Ok… Just three. Promise?”

Her eyes tight shut, her body tensed feeling the full length of his cock pushing and stretching thru her tender tight ass hole.

“One…Ughh…Two…Hurry up… Three!! Ok, ok. that’s three. You said only three, Tyler!” But Tyler couldn’t stop; he had to keep going. He was almost there. Four, five, six pumps, and on and on. It just felt so good he couldn’t stop himself. His sweet little young sister’s ass was so FUCKING TIGHT!


Now you know little Ariel’s first anal incest experience. What do you think will happen after? Call me and I’ll tell you. *Giggles*

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