Good Little Girl

Here is a story of a good little girl named Ariel. She was very young; she hadn’t even had her period yet. Ariel had long, curly, blond ringlets. She was very petite and small for her age with tiny little hips and the cutest little pink nipples. Of course, she was hairless on her little young peach. Her parents were very best friends with this married couple. They would always hang out late and have many drinks. Ariel couldn’t stay up as late as they did so she would yawn and crawl up in their big bed wearing her little PJs and fall asleep.

Scotty was the husband of the married couple. His wife had always cucked him, so he was used to becoming her cuck husband. Today he had a different taste in mind. Smelling of beer and a heavy breath, Ariel could feel his presence in the dark. With his dark shadow looming over her, she continued to keep her eyes closed.

Soft Touches Under The Sheets

For some reason, she was worried to let him know she was awake. The room was quiet and dark. She felt like if she awoke, she would be interrupting something, and little girls don’t do that. His big curious hands ran under the silk sheets. Ariel could feel his cold fingers grazing across her little pink hard nipples on the outside of her PJs. She tries not to flinch from his soft touches and maintains her breathing. “What is he doing?” She asked herself. Scotty releases a soft moan.

She could hear his belt buckle clank as he began to undo his pants slowly. He whispered, “Yes, that’s a good little girl.” Scotty slowly unbuttoned and peeled away her top to reveal her tiny little girl buds. The touch of his fingers on her skin sends shivers down her spine, or was it her sweet little pussy? She wasn’t sure what this feeling was, but she maintained her pretend sleeping.

He Couldn’t Stop Himself from Touching His Good Little Girl

Scotty couldn’t stop himself, he had to pull his cock out because it was rock hard and throbbing. Ariel’s little breasts were fully exposed. They were gorgeous. He wanted to see that sweet little cunt. Trying not to wake her, Scotty slowly butterflied her legs open. In the dark, he could tell she was wearing a simple white panty. He slid them off tenderly and breathed in. Sniiiiff. He could smell her delicious little flower. Ariel was trembling deep inside and confused. What was happening to her body? She could feel her young pussy getting wet as he rubbed his finger in small circles on her little clitty. He whispered again, “That’s a good little girl.” Scotty’s breathing intensified as he leaned down to plunge his tongue between the two perfect little mounds. Flicking his tongue, Ariel couldn’t restrain herself any longer. She let out a soft whimper. “Mm.”

Her Soft Moan Gives Him Access To His Good Little Girl

“Shh…That’s a good little girl. Don’t be loud or your Mommy can hear you.” Scotty climbed into bed down below her spread legs. He hooked his arms around her little thighs and pulled her body into his face. With her sweet little young pussy smothering his face, Ariel grabbed the bed sheets and bit her lower lip. Must…Remain…Silent. Of course, this was easier said than done when you have a tongue darting in and out of your pussy Ariel thought. Scotty explored her peach with his tongue, finding that swollen throbbing young clit. She tasted so good he couldn’t stop himself. He lifted her legs higher above his shoulders to taste her pink little butt hole.

Ariel wasn’t sure about her body, but she knew she loved what he was doing to her. “Be a good little girl and cum in my mouth.” He whispered. Ariel didn’t know what that meant, but her body started to shake and convulse. She released into his mouth her sweet young juices.

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