First Anal fantasies

Recently,  within the last year or so, I have been really curious about anal toys.  I have always liked a finger in my ass during sex or especially during oral sex, but never explored with toys. One day,  I was really horny and did a porn search for anal plugs or butt plugs. To my surprise I stumbled along two really hot videos.  Oh my god!

The first ass or anal plug video was short.  It was a really hot woman in a grocery store.  I’d say she was a Milf type.  She had on a very short sexy skirt and some high heel shoes.  She was pushing a grocery cart in the parking lot.  I’m assuming she was going grocery shopping.  Well as well all know, most people can do two or more things at once.  This was true in her case. In her sexy ass -was a butt plug.  She was wearing no panties and her skirt was really short.

Once inside the grocery store this hot woman proceeded to grocery shop all the while bending over to get cereal off the bottom shelf exposing her sexy ass with a butt plug. 

I got so turned on! 

The second anal plug vid that turned me on was similar, but involved a husband.  The scene takes place on the beach.  The husband kind dares his wife to nude sunbathe with only an anal butt plug.  It looks like it’s silver so the sun reflects off of it really well.  While she is lying there on her stomach her husband is texting her from far away enough, but close enough that he can see her.  Soon enough, there are men wandering up to her to see her lying on her stomach with the sun reflecting off the butt plug.  All the while, her husband is texting her about guys looking at her.  Can you guess what happens next?

 Best Phone Sex!