Findom Shopping Spree Part 1:

I’m not doing a fucking summary, piggy. If you want to know what happened before this you have two options: Call me for some Findom phone sex and I’ll tell you all about it, or just read Findom Shopping Spree, part 1.

Finding your place

Your authoritative tone was gone as you begged me to stop stroking your cock. I mocked you as you oozed precum onto my manicured hand until your head tipped back and your eyes rolled back in your head. The squishy noise my hand made as I jerked you off covered up the sound of me digging through my phone with the other.

I pulled my phone out and started recording you in your silky red nightgown. In one continuous shot, I panned the camera up and down your body. I could see every pore on your face.  I threw the phone back in my bag and used that hand to pinch your nipples through the silk.

“When’s the last time your cock was this hard from a handjob? Do you feel that relaxation coursing through your body? It’s from letting go of control. I made you powerless, yet you’re freer than you’ve ever been before. And that was just from making you put on something that bruised your ego.

I stopped stroking and you begged me to keep going, bucking your hips against me in frustration.

Taking My Prize

“Hand me your wallet first. I want to go on a little femdom shopping spree by myself later.”

I wrapped my hand around your cock in a loose circle while I waited for you to hand it over. Instead, you opened it and tried handing me some bills. I grabbed them…and then grabbed the wallet, taking your black Amex. Into the purse, they went! And then I started stroking your cock again.

This time when your balls tightened I let you cum, yet I didn’t stop stroking. I pumped viciously until every drop of cum was covering your new nightgown.

“Take it off, I’m taking it with me. And clean yourself up. I may know the truth, but the rest of the world is under the impression that you’re respectable. Oh, and don’t turn off that fucking credit card or I’ll email your boss this…”

I’d been gathering my stuff in the passenger seat, and flipped my phone around to show you the little video I’d recorded as blackmail. You were too out of it to respond, so I slammed the door and called an Uber to pick me up.

Findom Shopping Spree

I don’t know what you did after I left that night, but the look on my face tells me it was intense. I snap my fingers in your face and tell you never to touch my shit again or I’ll release you from our agreement.

The audible gulp is very satisfying as you frantically nod your head.

“Now, if you want to be useful, go get me a basket. This is a findom shopping spree, you know. And after that little stunt of yours, I’m going to be sure to rape your wallet so thoroughly that you won’t be able to even buy toilet paper this month, let alone 2-ply.”

You scurry away with your hands covering that little chode of yours. I love seeing how turned on you get every time I make you lose out on something so that I can have everything I want. I think I really will push it further than ever before on our little findom shopping spree.

When you return I put the soft material inside delicately, locking eyes with you as I do so. The blush on your cheeks tells me my message was received loud and clear: tonight, you’d get to touch it more intimately than you’d like. I leave you to your imagination as I walk away with thoughts of Crisco and duct tape running through my mind.

Checking out

I browse the rows, picking up anything that even slightly intrigues me and putting it in the basket, barely glancing at the tags but I do notice a lot of zeros. I should have made you wear tighter panties on this trip. By the time we get to the counter, your cock is leaking precum so badly that a little stain has appeared. I point it out and sneer at you as the cashier approaches.

The cashier’s eyes light up as she sees you black Amex. I wink at her and tell her to demand a tip from you for being so accommodating to your perverted little mind. With a coldness that I didn’t see coming, she turns on you.

“I want a big tip for having to watch your pathetic ass walk around my boutique. Your hardon scared off loyal customers.”

Your face is beet red, but you open your wallet. You pull out a $100 and hand it to her, but she grabs your entire wallet and takes every single bill. Hell yeah, girl! Now, that’s how you rape a wallet!


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