Let’s be real: The number of times I have handed out a findom piggy reward could be counted on one hand.

Most men who want me to take their money are sad, pathetic losers trying to prove to me they deserve a findom piggy reward. They show me their mostly empty wallets of ones and fives and beg me to pay attention to them. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t register– I realize they’ve asked me a few days later when rewatching a video or something. I don’t have time to deal with small-time fish. 

Plus, I find that most piggies looking for their findom piggy reward want sex. However, not just any sex. These entitled men feel that by offering me less than $100, they get photos and my pussy spread open for them. Additionally, they want me to engage in their kink. 

Bullshit. I go my own way, little piggies. You aren’t enough to play with. 

Every so often, I go from a guppy with his five-dollar wallet, to a whale. 

And oh, boy, do I mean whale. 

Once, while chatting with S, he mentioned giving me his accounts. And I scoffed; most guppies don’t even bother with that information. They love the fantasy of it. But S sent me the accounts, and then, while on the phone, he called up the tip line and left me a donation of $5,000. 

That made my eyebrows raise. S was the real deal. 

“I’m serious,” he explained, taking a sip of whiskey. “You’ve got everything now to tell my wife.” 

“And take my girlfriend on a small clothes trip to the mall,” I responded. “You’ll never see any of this, you know.” 

In fact, he did know. His cock shot as soon as I finished speaking. 

Proving His Worth

Many guys who leave such information get cold feet after. They call and shout, they threaten legal action (as if they could sue me for something they willingly did), and they threaten to go to the cops. Joke’s on them– we have contracts that are ironclad. If anything, they star in a humiliating blackmail story I tell others who think of backing out. 

Do not get between me and a gift. If you give it, man up and let me keep it. You give me diamonds? I’m turning them into jewelry for my girlfriends and I. You want to give me tech? Hells yes. It’ll be nicely situated on my lap for a while. Cash and money, yes please, honey. I know what a gift means, and it means no takebacks. 

So when I got a gift of $5000, I waited to see if S was everything he claimed to be, or if he was just a worm in the shape of a man. And pleasantly, I found he was in fact, what he claimed to be. He called every so often, leaving generous gifts in his wake. In short, he was the perfect little piggy. He paid for the privilege of talking with me and gave me money to spend on my girlfriends. And all he wanted, according to him, was the opportunity to be blackmailed– not the blackmail itself. Honestly, how lucky was I? 

A good piggy like that deserved a findom piggy reward.

What A Gift

Please, picture it with me. In the mail, at his home, he gets a USB stick. Once he gets the stick, he quietly moves to the computer. Then, he plugs the USB drive into the computer. On the computer, he sees a video– of me and my girlfriend, enjoying our money. 

We dressed up in Victoria’s Secret lingerie. We hold iPads and are gaming with each other, being sure to show the camera what apps we purchase. Plus, we’re in a hotel, with chocolates and wine. It’s decadent, girls treating girls to spas and relaxation and jewels. 

And goodness, we make sure to show off his gifts! I pour jewelry down my girlfriend’s breasts while she showers me with champagne, messing up the bed. 

At the end of the video, I hold a receipt of the room charges. All charges are on his credit card. In fact, the list is quite long and includes the app purchases. Then, I hold up a whiteboard. 

The board reads: Does your wife know yet?

(When he got the video, he gave me another gift. Maybe he’ll get another findom piggy reward.) 


Want to get into the world of findom? Then pay to play with me over phone sex, piggy.

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