FinDom fetish is so fucking rewarding!

I am an avid fetish lover. I love meeting worthy men and fucking them senseless in new and unusual ways. But you may as well call me St. Peter because the measurements I use to judge men on their worthiness are rigid and unyielding, harsh and not always logical.

    You certainly don’t make the cut. Come on now. You come to me in desperation, cock in hand expecting me to want to fuck you? I think not. Piggies like you have to pay for just my attention, affection not included.

     I see your wimpy aura radiating from my phone…how long did it take you to build up the courage just to call?? It’s worth it though isn’t it? To hear my silky voice caress your ears, to have my attention for such a brief period of time.

    So pay up. Your character will never make you worthy in my eyes, so do the next best thing and bring me joy with that cold hard cash I adore so much. Give me the material gifts that supersede your pathetic nature. Hear me gush over all of the wondrous things I’ll buy with your money and pretend that it equates to me gushing over you.

You’re so pathetic it just might work!

Don’t expect to be treated like my other clients. THEY have healthy senses of self-worth. You’re a pile of day-old semen. One of those you fuck happily the other you cringe and deal with…even you should be able to distinguish which is which.

Just accept your role as my paypig and you can have your moment in the sun. I’ll reward your self-deprecation with laughter and happiness. And at the end of the day, isn’t my joy worth your sacrifice?

For my more experienced wallet rapees: I do Skype Sessions.

Come give me a tribute and learn what it means to worship at my altar and feel the warmth of a Goddess on our next findom phone sex call!

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