Filthy Road trip Sex with Dirty Sissy Boy Trucker

I was helping my boyfriend move back to Detroit a few years ago. I need a road trip bad. He packed up his car and got a U-Haul and we were off. It felt good to hit the highway. It reminded me of the days on the road with my Dad and the various bands he worked for. I had my share of hot dirty road sex back then- and I planned to do the same on this trip.

Kevin was my hot black well hung muscular boyfriend. We were going to have lots of sex on the trip. That was a given. We fucked all of the time. Who knew the fun we were about to have with a horny dirty sissy boy Trucker we would meet at the truck stop?

We were at the bar drinking beer when this dude in a cowboy hat came up to us. He bought us a round of Tequilla shots and asked if we wanted to party with him. His name was Jerry and he looked like any rough red-neck trucker. “What did you have in mind? ” Kevin asked him, a bit apprehensive. Jerry was not the typical guy Kevin hung out with. Jerry said that he was bisexual and would do anything we wanted him to do.

“I just need to get fucked real bad.” He said.

I thought about it for a second. Then I said, “Listen Jerry- I am going to go into that bathroom. You sit with Kevin for a while. Then you come in. I want you to have your pants down to your ankles and I want you to crawl on that dirty floor over to me. I will have my panties off and you will eat Kevin’s dirty cum out of my pussy. Do that and then we will see about you getting fucked.”

I went into the bathroom and sat on the lid of the toilet. I took my panties off and smoked a cigarette and waited. So I was getting turned on waiting. Sure enough, pathetic Jerry came in, pants down to his ankles, cowboy boots still on…he crawled over to me with his mouth open. “You are disgusting,” I said as I shoved his mouth into my pussy. “Clean me up, you pig.” As he dug his tongue in deep, I saw his cock getting hard. “You like that cum, huh? You want more?” Yes, he responded. I texted Kevin to come in. I took out my dark red lipstick and put it on Jerry’s lips.  Kevin came in and I told him to whip out his big black cock and let Jerry suck it.
Kevin pulled it out. “Beg for it, Jerry.” Take cock in your mouth like a good cocksucker.”

As Jerry sucked my boyfriend off, I went behind him and finger fucked him.

I told Kevin that Jerry was a dirty whore and needed to get fucked hard. Kevin was happy to fuck that pervert hard. Jerry moaned and squealed like a pig and loved every minute of getting fucked. When Kevin came inside him I told Jerry to come over to me and I would give him a hand job so he could cum too.

We left him in that stall with his pants still around his ankles, dripping in cum looking pretty exhausted but very happy. We laughed as we got back into our car. Just Another hot dirty road trip story for us to remember in our old age.

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