Fantastically Fabulous Filthy Family Fun!

I have to say some of my most exciting calls are where I am talking about filthy family fun. Yes, it’s taboo – but isn’t that exactly why we find it so sexy?

There’s just something so nasty, yet so hot about it. So, here’s a little selection of my favourite incest calls.

Kissing Cousins

Have a hot cousin you’ve lusted after since you were teens? Brought up together almost like brother and sister – but you’re not! So… is it really that bad to play together? Mmm well, I certainly don’t think so. It’s cheeky but it’s not really that wrong. And it’s as sexy as hell!

Fucking your cute cousin is a really great way to have some filthy family fun!

The Milf Aunt

Now we are getting there! What’s not to love about your mother’s sexy younger sister introducing your teenage dick to the pleasures of The Pussy? Oh, that sacred place – The Pussy!

It’s just about every teenage boy’s dream to be seduced by a red hot steaming older woman! That sexy aunt you’ve always snuggled up to – when you realise you’re snuggling into those big bouncy breasts. You know you want to rub your face in between those juicy jugs!

Imagine her coaxing you into tasting pussy for the first time. She’ll teach you to lick pussy so well that you’ll never ever suffer a pussy drought! Girls will be queueing up to get your head between their legs!

That Uncle With The Wandering Hands!

As soon as he sees his favourite niece blossoming into a sexy young woman he just can’t help that feeling in his pants! It’s so wrong – but feels so good! And it’s getting hard to hide that raging erection!

Every time he sees her, he’s thinking about how he can take that filthy family fun ride of his life. Bend his niece over and pound that sweet tight pussy. Get her on her knees and have her suck his dick until he explodes at the back of her throat. No wonder he’s rock hard! Been there? 

Sibling Shagging

Ever had that dream where you shag your sister? Come on! I just know you have! And it rocked didn’t it?

Having two hot older brothers, I can tell you, filthy family fun really IS fabulous! Introducing each other to the joys of the body, sex with your sibling is how many of us start off. And once you start, it can be addictive with some siblings still fucking well into their golden years. It’s your little secret – nobody else needs to know. Unless, of course, you want to announce to the world that you just can’t stop banging your sister in the bum!

Sibling shagging really is up there when it comes to filthy family fun

Mummy’s Pussy Is The Sweetest

The ultimate filthy family fun just has to be with your parents! Disgusting? Yes? Dirty? Definitely! Sexy? Of course it is!

Mummy’s pussy really is sweet – in fact, it is the sweetest. She taught you everything you know about a woman’s body. And you remember with glee how she beckoned you into her bed when Daddy was away. You kept her warm and you kept her pussy wet. Licking that sexy slit until you were qualified enough to start on her arse. Such sweet memories.

Watching as she undressed, you still have that fetish for stockings, silk panties, and a slightly hairy bush – just like Mummy.

Daddy Knows Best…

As for Daddy… I just LOVE the idea of an adult daughter getting down and dirty with her daddy. He’s trained her so well, she keeps cumming back for more. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY licks her pussy and tight sweet arsehole quite like Daddy does. When he rubs his face into his honey’s holes, he tickles her in ways no man has ever been able to. She just cums and cums.

Daddy taught her to pee on him, to deep throat his big fat dick and so much more! That daddy cocksucking training certainly paid off and she’ll always be eternally grateful to Daddy…