Fetishes Are Even More Fun When You Include Others!

Who doesn’t love fetishes? Fetishes are so much fun! They are even more fun when you have others around to join you!

The other day, my boyfriend and I went to a Rocky Horror show. You know how wild those can get! Now, you may remember that my boyfriend has a bit of a public sex fetish. A bit is actually quite the understatement if we are being honest. He loves to put on a show and you know I am always in to help.

Well, we both dressed in our best floor show outfits, corset, garter, panties, fishnet stockings, and incredibly high heels. The shows are so busy, we knew that in our skimpy outfits we could easily slip out and have some dirty fun without being seen.

The show got started and everyone was dancing and cheering. We knew it was our shot. He pulled his big hard dick out of those tiny panties he was wearing and pushed mine to the side. I moaned as his big cock pressed against me.

His big cock slid into my tight, wet pussy and he started fucking me hard. With all the props flying everywhere, it was very easy to stay off the radar, so to speak.

He pushed me over the row of seats in front of us, but thankfully no one was seated there! We fucked loudly since there was so much going on, it didn’t matter anyway.

Bend me over and give these people a show!

I love the way my boyfriend fucks me because he knows exactly how to treat my tight pussy. Honestly, I’ve never had a better dick.

Getting fucked in such a big crowd turned me on so much that I just kept cumming and cumming over and over.  He fucked me hard and just kept giving me exactly what I wanted.

I told him to cum in my pussy. He started to fuck me harder and he moaned in my ear. I screamed as I came again and his cum filled my tight pussy.  His hot load felt hot in my tight cunt and I loved it!

He put his cock back into his panties and we both started dancing again. No one even noticed his cum running down my thighs…

He may end up with a stocking fetish after this 😈

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