Public sex stories are always naughtier!

My boyfriend is becoming quite the exhibitionist, he always wants our sex stories to be public sex stories! The drive-in theater by his house is finally open and he can’t stop talking about how much fun we can have there. We’ve been talking about just how naughty we could be once the movie gets going. I can’t stop thinking about it.

He wants to park near the back-I guess he isn’t quite as much of an exhibitionist as me yet! I want to park somewhere in the middle, where there’s a little more chance we’ll be seen.

Once the movies start, it will be dark, but his windows aren’t tinted, so anyone walking by can see us if they wanted to. What would they see if the looked in on us? Let me tell you!

First, I would pull out his big cock and start to stroke it. As he starts getting hard, I lean over and start to suck on it. He reaches over, slides my skirt up and starts to finger my pussy from behind.

He fingers me hard as I suck his cock and I cum, my pussy juices covering his fingers.

It’s his turn now, so I ask him how he wants it. He wants to take a risk, he wants me in doggy so he can really fuck me.

I get on all fours on the seat and feel his big cock slide into my wet pussy. He grabs my hips hard and really starts fucking me. I can tell the car is really rocking, I hope our neighbors are enjoying the show.

As he gets close, he tells me he doesn’t want to cum in my pussy, he wants to cum on my face. I turn around and he strokes his cock until he finally cums. His cum covers my face as he strokes. When he’s done, he wipes his dick on my face, making sure every drop is on me.


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