Fetishes Come in All Shapes and Sizes – As One Unsuspecting Man Comes to Find Out

Fetishes are all fine and good. They make the world go ‘round and round. The ladies of the kingdom know this more than any other. Just looking around at our little soiree proves that. I love seeing Dawn embrace her true submissive self. Even though I know it was trying at first, I can now see the joy and fulfillment in her eyes as she sits at her Master’s feet.

I was simply captivated in the re-telling of Sabrinas public sex fetish confession. And Olivia just made me smile with her blackmail game with Austin. To think that she enlisted, among others, our very own cuckold goddess Katrina to join in her games made me giggle such a wicked little laugh. I look forward to finding out what these ladies had in store for our exhibitionist Austin.

I note of the varieties of fetishes unfolding around me, and others that will soon come to light. But those are the others’ stories, and I won’t spoil their surprises.

I return my focus as to my own little assortment of fetishes to partake in.

As a self-proclaimed fetish connoisseur, I have a fascination in all things I’m interested in another little curiosity. A fetish of sorts. You might think you know where the name “Mama Bridgette” came from – the first thought that comes to mind is being a mother and a mommy to others, as well as a MILF, yes. But there is another reason.

Down in Bayou country you might have heard of the old ways. Creole ways. Ways that include Curses and potions and hexes. As well as the dark magics. Yes, sometimes these voodoo priestesses go by a simpler name. Like Mama. Or, in my case, Mama Bridgette (much less daunting than a priestess or witch doctor, dontcha think?).

I simply adore delving into the supernatural and the paranormal fetishes. Using the tools that I have at my disposal is a delicious sort of fetish. To inflict poetic justice to a naughty male that has so richly earn my attentions.

You see, a dear friend of mine, Tina, came to me in tears. Telling me of a story of infidelity and hurt; pain of the heart and soul. Her boyfriend had been stepping out on her, and had even become abusive to her. Now I have no issues with sharing or sadism as a rule. As long as the three are followed: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. Clearly, he hasn’t been.

If he wanted to play by other less scrupulous rules, then so will I.  After all, fetishes are my domain, and he chose this particular abusive one.

I’ve been toying with him all week. A tuff of hair is all I needed to make my little voodoo doll of him, as well as implement a few choice curses and hexes. And when he stood at the brink of madness and could take no more, I sent him a note. Come to me and I will end all your suffering. Trusting fool. How does the saying go? Ah yes – Be careful what you wish for.

I enter the room at the end of the hall. He’s there as I instructed. On his knees, bare as the day he was born, head down. His muscles still twitching now and again with the rash that has plagued his flesh. I put my hand on his head, amused at the patches of hair that still remain.

I crouch down to whisper in his ear. Soft are my words. A vial in my hand. I tell him all he has to do is drink, and all his worries and woes will simply melt away. I tell him that the world has bared down on him for too long, manifesting his stresses into physical ills. Drink and be free.

He does so greedily. I smile as I stand and pull a curtain back. There stands the woman he has abused and mistreated and degraded. Tina and I stand there watching. He looks from one of us to the other. First, he seems puzzled, then angry. And then he grabs his stomach.

Some fetishes are birthed through pain

I smile almost lovingly down at him. As he twisted and writhes in pain and the transformation starts to take place, I again crouch down beside him.

“You see, my pathetic excuse for a man, it became clear to me that you just didn’t get things right the first time around. You never learned what it meant to be a good man. A caring man. A strong but kind man. But I have good news for you. You get a do-over.

“That little concoction you downed so greedily is turn back the hands of time. Back to a time when all you worried about was eating and sleeping and pooping. Shrinking down to the size of a newborn babe. Tina will be your new Mommy.  She will teach you how to be a good man once again.”

As the transformation settles to its final form, he wiggles on his back. Though he was a pathetic excuse of a man, he does make for a cute little baby. As I diaper and swaddle his new form, I hand him to his new Mommy.

I bet Momma Genie would find my flavor of fetishes satisfying as well. But her story is for her to tell next.

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