He can’t believe he loves these new fetishes!

My boyfriend was the strong masculine kind of man who loved to take control so I was extremely excited to get to have my way with him! Eric and I made a deal that if I was a good girl and made a naughty sex tape with him that he’d reward me by letting me choose a new kink from our list of fetishes to try. The look on his sexy face was priceless when I told him I wanted to really take control and dominate him. Eric wasn’t allowed to say no and I planned to use that to my advantage! That night I got him a surprise for our play time.

Eric opened it eagerly and his jaw dropped when he saw the leather mask and handcuffs looking back at him from the bag. He looked visibly nervous and honestly… it was cute! I carefully cuffed his hands to the bed and took a moment to kiss him hard before slipping his mask over his face. “See anything?” Eric shook his head in response which gave me a rush. I quickly slapped him across the face before wrapping my hand around his neck. “I can’t hear you, Bitch.” I could hear his breath catch as he responded, “No, ma’am.” He was pathetic laying there in the dark with his cock already eager to be toyed with.

Let me hear those moans…

I trailed my nails from his neck down his chest and stomach all the way to his thighs. Eric’s cock was throbbing in anticipation as I took my time exploring him and listening to his shaky breath. He was being such a good slut for me and I felt he needed a reward. Something that I knew he would love, even if he didn’t think so. I pulled a bottle of lube from the dresser drawer and poured a good amount onto his cock. Taking my time I began massaging his shaft and balls, letting the lubricant drip down to his asshole. Of all the naughty fetishes we had tried, Eric never let me toy with his ass. Luckily for me, Eric couldn’t say no this time.

With one hand wrapped around his cock I carefully made my way to play with his balls. I rubbed the slippery liquid over them, squeezing them lightly in my hand. I loved the way Eric lifted his thighs for more. He was moaning as I stroked his desperate shaft so hard he didn’t seem to notice me slide my pointer finger down to his virgin asshole. I carefully rubbed his hole before starting to push just the tip of my finger inside him. Suddenly Eric was gripping the sheets and whimpering. “Charlotte…” he started to protest but knew better than to fight me.

He tasted so fucking delicious!

My finger slipped inside him halfway and before long I was able to slide the rest inside him. I bit my lip as I watched a delicious drop of precum start to slide down his shaft and couldn’t resist. I stuck my tongue out and swirled it around the tip teasing him and I could feel him thrusting his hips for more. Eric’s moans became desperate screams of ecstasy as I toyed with his prostate and jerked off his massive cock ready to take his load.

I stopped stroking him and let him thrust up against my hand. It was so sexy to watch him in such an animalistic state. Everything in his body was telling him to cum and he wasn’t about to fight it. Eric shot a huge creamy load all over his stomach. As he laid there catching his breath I straddled him and carefully licked every drop of his cum off his body.

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