Sit back and enjoy my kinky, hot public sex experience!

It had been a while since my boyfriend and I had gotten to relax. He had been pretty stressed with work lately, and I knew how I wanted to take his mind off of it. We’ve always been a kinky couple and love trying new naughty fetishes. I always knew he had a huge public sex fantasy but had never gotten to act on it before. I planned on changing that.

We made dinner plans as if everything were normal, as far as he knew it was. We split up to get ready and he was visibly shocked when I came back in a little black bodycon dress and heels. I knew he was enjoying the view, and on the ride to dinner, I could see his cock getting hard in his pants. I could tell he was thinking about that familiar public sex fantasy already. We made it to our reservation and were seated near the back in a booth.

I gave him a smile and reached under the table to slip off my panties.

He seemed shocked as I slid them into his lap, but I didn’t feel any complaints. With my right hand, I started stroking his cock through the fabric and eagerly unzipped his pants, pulling his throbbing cock out. I wrapped my wet panties around his cock and continued to tease him. It didn’t take long before his hand made its way to my dripping pussy and started rubbing my clit. It didn’t take long before I could feel him pumping his hot cum all over my panties. I was able to slip them back on in time to order our meal. Dinner went smoothly and when we went to drive home he turned to me and asked me what had gotten into me. I kissed him and smiled, “So what do you think, baby. Better than our sex tape?”

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