Fetish Sex Stories aren’t always in the mind, you know!  So, you’ve probably guessed I’m not really a joiner; but the Kingdom Reunion has me thinking,  maybe it’s time to share!  Sometimes, a fetish is created…and other fetishes, ARE INDWELT!  Mine happens to be a bit MORE than just sexy thoughts.  My fetish also happens to be a birthright!

The reunion has been making me jittery for months, but now it’s here!  Last night, the other girls arrived at the meeting point and while I lingered behind in the woods to hear their fetishes; I just couldn’t bring myself to divulge my own secrets.

Furthermore, I was really afraid of when the reunion was scheduled for.  The full moon is never one of my favorite times to go out; even around my sexiest friends who are down for ALL of the sickness!  You see, I watched the merriment all night and the sounds they created rivaled and possibly even covered my own.  So, by this morning, I’ve eased a little and I’m ready to party!

My Mom is a witch from a long line of sorcerers.  And with her help, I’m able to control my transformations; except for the one time per year when the moon phases are strongest.  It just so happens that that time was THIS weekend;

So, I ambled out of the woods looking none-the-worse-for-wear and saw them stumbling around like zombies from all the night before’s partying.

I stepped onto the deck and saw Sabrina talking to Brooke and off on the other side was the rundown of the Kingdom’s hotties.  It was sort of hard to see who was who from the tangle of bodies forming the longest daisy-chain I’d ever seen!  I joined in and decided to keep my fetish to myself…for now.

The day went by in a blur, but I was feeling the urge if you know what I mean.  I thought about running away, but I knew the sisterhood could survive anything I shared with them.  So, I settled into the lawn chair and smoked a little weed with them.  Before I knew it the moon had risen and the urge turned to panic!  My pussy dripped and my head spun, but none of that stopped the fuck of a lifetime that was to ensue.

I grabbed Aileen and shoved my tongue deep into her pussy and twirled it the way no one else can do it.  Then, I turned my attention to London; biting and licking her tits until blood ran in a warm stream into my mouth.  I was the wild beast I was born to be and I took them ALL!  It’s so freeing to not have any more secrets about who (and what) I am.  That’s what fetish sex stories are all about…sharing and freedom to eXXXpress ourselves.

Thank GOD for such accepting sisters-by-phone!  I guess I didn’t really need to eXXXplain to them.  By the rising sun, it was pretty clear what my fetishes are and who I am.  I was born to a Vampire, who also sustained a bite by a Lycan.  And VOILA!  Hybrid, vamp/wolf at your SIRvice.  You have NO IDEA how lucky you are to be fucked by me via PHONE!

In some obscure way, all of us girls here are animals.  And when you call us, you’ll SEE why!  You’ll find that Fetish Phone Sex is always on tap at the Kingdom of filthy, wet dreams, so check us out!


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