I had my cake and fucked it too. It’s a delectable way to screw around.

Fetish of sploshing, I had my cake and fucked it too. At first, I had my doubts but now I love sploshing. However, I had to learn to play with my food before I could enjoy it.  Don’t play with your food, I had always been told!  Well, I got past that taboo. Then I knew that sploshing was for me. Today I’m erotically triggered by the idea of sitting on a cake. For sploshing is one tasty fetish!! Now I don’t just eat my cake; I let it eat me back.

This was my introduction to the :

Once I was asked by a caller named Phil, “Are you turned on by food play?” Truthfully I said I hadn’t done much of it. That was before I had my cake and fucked it too. But I was eager to have a new erotic adventure. So I watched Phil on Skype. First, he placed a huge cake, covered in white frosting, on his kitchen counter. Then he took off his pants and plunged his naked ass into the frosting. After that Phil scooped the icing off his ass by the handful and slurped it up. I began to feel my pussy tingling! That Phil really was a bad, and very ravenous, boy. And he was making me hungry…

He continued to play with the cake.

Next, he put his hard cock right into the soft cake and screwed it like a giant pussy.  I got hooked that day on how to have your cake and fuck it too. So I decided to experiment with my own cake and, the very next day, ran off to the bakery. Now I couldn’t resist a three-tiered chocolate beauty, complete with rosette piping. I took that lovely cake home and got right down to business. Naughty me!  I put my bare titties right into that cake and tore it apart. Soon I was diving right in, with my hands, mouth, and cunt. I had my cake and fucked it too.

However, cake is not the only way to enjoy this fetish!

I wish to clarify: you don’t have to splosh with cake, though gateau is my current favorite.  I’ll confess that I have tried sploshing with raw eggs, ketchup,  pies, yogurt, even baked beans. I can verify from experience that sploshing truly is a wet and messy fetish.  I did once take a bath (with my partner) in whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, a relatively clean way to enjoy this fetish. And I have to confess it was such a yummy way to cum!

I had my cake and fucked it too. And, baby, I’m still hungry.

Currently, the pursuit of fetish of sploshing is growing daily, especially as more of us work from home, near our refrigerators. Tell me: what’s your favorite taboo? Because I’d love to role-play it with you!

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