Fetish Fantasy fun leads with your incredible warrior Goddess looking over your body from above.

Helpless when I step up to you. This Fetish Fantasy of yours takes off with a bang as I approach you in my animal skins. Feeling like an animal myself I snarl a bit making it clear that you belong to me. The she beast has awoken and it is time to feed. There is no return from this aggression until I have been satisfied. You will quench my thirst for mortal man on my tongue, and I will leave you drained of every drop.

The way I shift and prowl as I get closer and closer to my prey sends electricity through your body. Licking my lips shows my predatory intent as I look you up and down. This time I’m going for the neck first. Holding you tightly between my sharp Role Play Phone Sex teeth. I thrive on the power my jaws clinch with. Showing you the order of this relationship is necessary when owning the dominance I possess.

It’s only natural and understandable for you to have feelings of insecurity.

Your throat firmly between my fangs leaves you completely vulnerable to my every whim. Trust that I will exploit every hard pounding, and every short breath you take. Seeing you under me and submitting to the carnal huntress in me is beyond a turn on because it’s what has become more than a Fetish Fantasy. This is the reality of your current circumstance, and therefore I will relish in it.

The dirt under your fingernails demonstrates the hard work you have already put in for the day. Any hands-on physical activity you previously completed will have only warmed you up for the juicy pussy you are about to pay your tongues respect to. I am not just your warrior queen, but your Goddess as well. Worship the ground I walk on and earn your face place between my thighs. The gratifying Pussy Eating of a Goddess must be worth her time because an unsatisfied creature of such power could consume you completely if provoked.

Wrapping my strong yet soft-to-the-touch hand around your throat I pull you towards me.

Pressing my intoxicating mouth to yours, almost using my full lips as a weapon. The soft wet kiss sends you into a helpless spin because you could never resist my taste. I’m your Fantasy Fetish and always will make you crumble into a pile of slavery. This alfa redheaded warrior queen has already won the battle, and now it is time to collect my reward. This time your mouth will worship every crease and fold my perfect Fetish Fantasy pussy has to offer.

Allow your tongue to slow into me when I pull you from my lips and press you into the others. It is a blessing to eat this pussy of royalty. I even taste regal because the sweet tangy taste is like an exquisite desert you never knew existed. With the first lick you’re hooked and will withdraw when I have had my fill. Make me cum all over your face until gripping your hair and pulling you away.

Once I give the command you will slide your rock-hard cock deep inside of me.

This is the body that you have coveted for so long. The dream of having me gripping your cock with every tight little muscle in my divine cunt. Dripping with desire and pleasure my sweet nectar makes you think of nothing else. Eat this pussy and bring me to the peak of the mountain I just conquered because I only deserve the best so you better be the best.

Now that I’m soaking wet and screaming out it’s time to put that cock where I demand it. Deeply penetrate the pussy and commands an army. Moan your warrior queen’s name for the entire camp to hear. I want all to know who you serve and how it brings you such honor. Give me all you are my sweet servant and keep sliding inside of my body until we explode in complete ecstasy. Once I shower you with cum I want you to clean my pussy again and leave your Goddess perfectly ready for the next round.