Taboo Wicked Woman is the type you need to satisfy all those cravings.

A truly Taboo Wicked Woman knows the ins and outs of a weak minded man who needs a push into complete obedience. The time has come for you to give in to the Taboo Phone Sex that haunts you, the dastardly demonic blasphemy calls you crave. Listen baby, I like the full range of Anything Goes Phone Sex and I’ll keep your dirty little secret in my pussy vault.

So let your guard down and open up to the safe space of a sensual slut that won’t take no for an answer. No Limits No Boundaries because our imaginations are a force growing and pushing us further than either one of us has ever gone. It is a very exciting thing to allow even the darkest desires to surface and give way to. Let us indulge in the darker side of getting off. 

Hard and deep is our tempo, focusing your sights in the depths of my big green eyes.

Trying not to cum in this Taboo Wicked Woman tight pink pussy that grips you and milks you. By the end of this you will be paralyzed in your own filth, and I will have drained you just like I wanted. I’m your cum collector and you will produce every drop I demand. Today is Sunday, the perfect day to visit a parish and bath in holy water. Feeling it bubble and boil against my sinful skin will only drive my demon within. We will be worshipping today, but I will select the body of divinity for which your offerings will be played before.

Kiss these toes that are being pressed to your lips. I direct you to squeeze down between the pews and position. You can perfectly lick my Fetish Phone Sex pussy because I command it. Stuff this offering basket with enough tongue and make me give witness to the power of your mouth. This watering, clit slurping, oral offering then you will be summoned is a cum collecting confessional.

I’m going to unleash all my wrapped and wicked carnal cravings on you there.

Signing your soul over to a siren of satin never felt so good. Bury the lessons of Sunday school where they will never surface again. You no longer need any of these old world values because they won’t save you where you are going. Welcome to my Taboo Wicked Woman underworld where your only purpose is to serve your Demigoddess of delight.

You will indulge in the Taboo Phone Sex torture I dish until you break. Praise my Pussy or this Blackmail Phone Sex is sure to corrupt your seemingly normal life. You could go down in flames if you don’t do every little thing I ask for. If I were you, I would make sure that this Goddess get’s off very hard. What am I going to Blackmail you for this time?

Well, I happen to have you on camera doing things that you and I both know you shouldn’t have been doing. Tisk tisk lover, kneel down and take your punishment like a dog. After each whipped spanking you will look back and say thank you to your Mistress. The burn and sting of the whip reminds you that I have all the control because I really do.

Blackmail is such a pleasure for the Goddess dishing it out.

I take such joy in watching you squirm knowing the life you have created hangs on by a thread and is totally dependent on your resolution to obey. Kinky Phone Sex is my favorite, and fucking for revenge suites my appetite for the day. Bend over for me in these panties I have selected NOW.

Do not resist me pet, or you know I have no reservations about exposing all your dark and deviant secrets to all you know. Think anyone will hold you in such high regard when I’m through with you? Not fucking likely. Now that I have you in your sexy little panties spread those cheeks and beg me to fuck you. Louder I antagonize, and you follow all instructions I give.

This time domination was the only answer to deal with your perversion. With me you never know what fetish I will choose to exploit because that’s what I do best.