A Fetish is usually considered weird or unnatural.  

When someone says that they have a fetish, everyone holds their breath expecting them to like pain or some other strange bedroom happenings.  When my boyfriend said he wanted to explore his fetish with me, I hoped he didn’t want anything crazy. Most guys want to watch their girlfriends having lesbian sex.  Turns out – he just likes watching girls rub their pussies in front of him.  I was a little embarrassed, no one has ever watched me play with myself before, but he could be asking for worse things, so I decided to show him.

We turned the lights down and I laid in front of him with my legs spread wide open and squirted lube up and down my pussy slit.

He sat with his cock in his hand, rubbing it slowly watching me twirl my clit in between my fingers.  His eyes grew large as he saw my pussy start to ooze cum while I vigorously flicked my clit back and forth for him to watch.  It was exciting watching his cock grow in front of me, while I felt my clit getting firmer with every movement of my fingers. I grabbed my wand and started moving it up and down my wet little slit, seeing that he was starting to rub his cock faster, I shoved my fingers deep into my pussy.  

He loved watching my fingers glisten with my pussy juices while they moved up and down my pussy. I spread my pussy hole wide open so he could see deep inside me. I heard him moan as my pussy sprayed him with my first squirt. Every time he reached over to touch his pussy, I kicked his hand away.  I made sure he had to watch me make myself cum over and over.  

This was his fetish, and I wasn’t going to let him ruin it just yet.

Besides, I was loving showing him how I like my pussy played with. Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer, he grabbed my legs and spread them wide when I tried to kick his hands away and he pushed his swollen cock into me.  He stood high on his knees and made me keep rubbing my clit while he pounded into my tight pussy. Imagine how he loved feeling me squeeze around his cock while I caressed my little bean.  He slammed into me harder every time I came on his cock.

Oh, he loved playing out his fetish with me and I knew this was going to be an experience seared into his mind for months to come.  That man started ramming into me harder when I reached down and spread my pussy wide open. He was in love with his pussy and got off on seeing me work my clit while he stretched me wide open.  He moaned my name loudly while his cock started throbbing deep inside me.  I know he would never forget the night I let him see me masturbate, the night I brought his fetish to life!


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