I knew we were going to have hot lesbian sex when I woke up tied to my bed!  All she wanted was to cum…then the fun began…

My pet turned on me, we had always had hot lesbian sex but she was my pet, she did what I said, and ate my pussy every day I walked in the door.  But – today was different, she roofied me.  I woke up and realized I was tied to my bed. She beat me into submission and forced my pussy into cumming.  I desperately needed more, my pussy was pulsating, needing to cum more.  She climbed onto me and put her pussy in my face.  I knew I needed to make her cum, so she would let me cum again! She reached down to spread her pussy open for me.

I grazed my tongue up and down her slit and as she let out a gasp, she started moving her hips over my mouth.  She reached down and gripped my hair, pulling my tongue onto her clit.  I began moving my tongue feverishly.  Her pussy tasted sweet and she was loving every movement of my tongue.  She grabbed my whip and started beating my pussy screaming for me to make her pussy cum!  With my hair still in her other hand, she started grinding her pussy all over my face.  Her clit began to throb as she forced my tongue into her pussy and started fucking my tongue.  Her juices exploded onto my tongue and down my cheeks.  I watched as she moaned and groaned as her pussy came and told me what a good little girl I was for her.  

She loved fucking my tongue while we had rough lesbian sex!

She was so impressed by how well behaved I had become, that when she climbed off of me, she slipped down and began licking and nibbling my pretty pink nipples.  I gasped while she grabbed them and pinched until she had wormed her way down to my pussy.  She let go of my titties once she started running her tongue up and down my pussy lips.  I couldn’t help but began to moan as she started working on my clit.  

Her tongue swirled around my pussy as she shoved three fingers into my pussy hole, and then began toying and sucking on my clit with her mouth as she slammed her fingers into me.  I instantly began cumming all over her fingers, her mouth worked my delicious pussy and she kept me cumming until I finally squirted all over her luscious tits.  She slyly smiled as she stood up and started rubbing her cock she had strapped on.  Oh joy sex toy, she pulled a strap-on out of her drawer!  I started to drip the second she pulled my ass toward her and popped her dildo into my pussy, I starting begging for her to let me cum again while she pounded out my pussy.

 She loved having kinky lesbian sex with me!

She grabbed a crop and began smacking me, telling me she wanted my pussy to squirt all over her cock.  I listened just like the good girl I am and squirted all over her!  She never made me cum the way she did that night.  My pet really made my pussy juice that night and every now and then I still let her tie me up if she really behaves.  Either way, I will always love fucking my pet raw during our nights of lesbian sex.


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