Impregnation Fetish – is it for you?

Impregnation fetish has always been my dirty little secret. I don’t know what makes me hotter about it. The idea of raw intense sex with the total intention of breeding, or is it all the changes my body would endure while going through pregnancy. I can always tell when I’m fertile, and ovulating as I become a slave to my own sex. In other words, my sweet snatch controls me.

I never tell men I’m not on the pill, always just kind of turns me off to have to explain why. Barebacking is my favorite, skin to skin what could be better? Why fuck up the hottest fuck session of the century because of safety. Call me crazy (most do) But Impregnation fetish sex is hot. Just thinking about being filled with a hot cocks potent seed, and life growing inside of me makes me so wet. Furthermore, the swell of my tits as my milk comes in, my belly growing almost as big as my want and yearn for sex. I wonder if what they say is true, do you get hotter and hornier when you’re pregnant? I have a very deep pregnancy fetish.

Does your pussy get all swollen, extra wet, and crave to be fucked?
Impregnation fetish is real, and even more really hot.

Having an impregnation fetish as I do, just means that we fuck and fuck and fuck until I get pregnant, and then you get to see your legacy, that you have bred into me, grow. Imagine my lactating tits bouncing as we fuck hard. You’re hands-on my growing tummy and our baby kicking.

Want to make me the mother of our child? Have me fertile and filled with your Alpha Cocks succulent seed?

What could be more beautiful or nasty?

Do you share an impregnation fetish?

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