Some ferris wheel sex is the ultimate way to fuck in public!

The ferris wheel is about the tamest ride other than the merry-go-round you will find at a carnival. I’ve always liked them, since they are safe, and you can see so far when you are at the top of them. My boyfriend and I had gone to a local carnival last weekend, and I wanted to ride it, of course. It had gone around once and was making a second turn when it became stuck, right as we were at the top. I wondered how long we might be up there.

One of the workers yelled he was sorry, but it might be a good half hour until the problem with the ferris wheel was fixed. So we sat there, stuck. I got a naughty idea and a silly grin on my face. My boyfriend noticed and asked me what was so funny. I asked him how he might feel about engaging in some Ferris wheel sex. He laughed and asked if I was serious. I said I absolutely was. Now I knew real fucking was out of the question. That would literally rock the seat too much, but we could do stuff.

I told him to pull his cock out.

He looked around, and no one from the ground appeared to be looking up at us. The other riders couldn’t see us either. He unzipped himself and pulled his hard cock out of his now open fly. I took his cock in my hand and started to rub it up slowly and down. He was throbbing hard in my hand. The thrill of being several stories up was fun. All the flashing lights and carnival music were just a feast for the eyes and all of the senses. The smell of hot dogs and popcorn hung in the air and rose up. Ferris wheel sex was the best smell of all!

The sounds of the merry-go-round and children laughing, noises from the carnival games. Some screams and squeals from the riders of the attractions. It was quite the atmosphere to get a hand job in! He leaned back in his seat, and I stroked him as gently as I could so as not to make the car rock. I squeezed firmly as my gripped hand around his shaft moved up and down. He was breathing heavily. A few more strokes of my hand and jets of cum shot out and arched through the air down to the ground below.

Hopefully, the carnival workers fixing the ferris wheel didn’t get splattered with any!

After I was finished getting him off during our ferris wheel sex adventure, it was my turn. Luckily I was already wearing a short skirt. He moved his hand between my thighs, and I could feel him move his fingers into my panties. My clit throbbed. I spread my legs wide, placing one thigh over his leg. He rubbed me back and forth with his fingers. He always masturbated me so well; I always loved the feel of his fingers on my pussy. I lifted my short skirt up to watch him touch me.

He took his fingertip and rubbed it in tiny circles on my clit. Then, he would dip his fingers into my pussy and drag the juices over my clit. He would tease me until I had shivers up my spine. He even tasted his fingers and re-dipped them into my cunt, and then brought them to my lips. I sucked on his fingers and tasted myself. We heard some worker yell, “About another five minutes, folks, and you’ll be down!” He sped up his motions on my pussy and drove his fingers into me up to his knuckles.

I was so wet, and he just kept playing with my pussy, and I came.

SO dangerous! I bit my lip to avoid crying out. I sure did not want anyone to know about our little Ferris wheel sex adventure! He rubbed me through my climax and promised once we got back home, Id have his cock in me. I had not gone out tonight with the intention of getting finger banged on the rides, but hey, stuff happens. It was a fun and memorable night for us both. I will never forget cumming on top of that ferris wheel as long as I live.

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ferris wheel sex