The Femdom Fetish of exploring feminization is an experience you will never forget. Have you ever imagined yourself dressing like a woman? What would you do? What would you wear? How would you behave? Do you like to be teased?  Maybe when you were younger, Mommy, your big sister or her friend exposed you and forced you to dress up. (Wicked LiL Laugh) Ready to experience it again with me?  Shopping at Victoria Secrets would be a lot of fun.  Later I can force you to take a trip to the adult book store to do very naughty things. If you have ever fantasized of being feminized then you’ve come to the right place.

Scott was just the type of man who pretended not to enjoy our special outings.  Secretly he enjoyed our shopping trips to the lingerie store. One afternoon, after shopping at Victoria Secrets, I turned the tables on him, as I handed him a pretty package wrapped in a pink bow.  He didn’t know how to react.  Pissed off, he began denying any interest in sexy lingerie.

That didn’t last very long, once I handed him a surprise.  Like a little girl, he opened the package with total excitement.  There under the pink tissue paper, he found a beautiful black bustier, black panties and sheer silky stockings. “Is this for me?” he asked  I didn’t was him to escape the moment. “Get dressed in the outfit now! I commanded him. At first he was a little humiliated, as he dressed himself.  He was embarrassed by his appearance, yet very turned on. “You look absolutely beautiful!” I said.  He blushed and began to swirl in the mirror from side to side.

His secret little fantasy of Cross Dressing was finally revealed. “Thank you Raven.” he replied. Turning Scott into a submissive female was a major turn-on for him. He just needed to be pushed in the right direction. I pushed it the next level by fucking him with my strap on.   Bending him over and pegging his sweet virgin man pussy was a thrill. The more he begged me to stop – the deeper I slipped my strap on into his ass. He was mine now.  I could see his clitty cock throbbing inside his little purple panties. There was no turning back til we completed the feminization process, as he squirted in his panties. Within moment he was taken and cum-pletely satisfied. The evening was perfect from beginning to end.  The endless role-playing of Scott pretending to be my little sister, secretary and even my daughter heightened his arousal beyond belief.

Are you ready to explore Forced Feminization with me?  Call me now – Let’s play dress up.

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