The Female Masking Fetish Isn’t new, but it is still hiding in the shadows.

When I say “female masking fetish” a lot of people have to do a quick Google search just to find out what the hell I’m talking about. To me, that’s a shame. There’s something very raw and vulnerable about female masking fetish, and it deserves to be safely exposed. The way my boys completely transform themselves from head to toe to be the epitome of feminine beauty isn’t just kinky, it’s glorious!

If it seems like I’m being overly compassionate toward my nasty boys, there’s a good reason for that. Rarely have I seen a fetish more vilified than the female masking fetish. Perhaps furries get a similar amount of flack, but they seldom have to worry about their safety when they congregate.

If you don’t know what female masking, or living dolls, are all about, let me break it down for you. They’re completely normal, masculine men that enjoy covering themselves from head to toe in nude silicone or latex in order to embody the feeling of being a literal living doll. They usually fashion their own masks and wigs to go with their taboo suits and put great detail into the facial features of their avatars.

Sometimes they get together for a little fun! I recently attended a get-together involving some very delicious maskers, and boy do they know how to party! Their favorite part of the party was definitely the photo booth, which I totally get. Being immortalized as a classy, yet sexy, doll is very intoxicating!

Living dolls deserve to show off!

Drag queens, panty boys, sissies, and transgendered individuals have made leaps and bounds towards total acceptance in the last decade, and a lot of the credit for that comes from exposure. With that exposure came danger, though, and I’m not sure living dolls deserve to go through that. So, I invite all female maskers and living dolls to call me and show off everything they have to offer! I know my sultry little sirens have some sexy photos of themselves that they’d love to share, and fetish phone sex with me is always so liberating, so give me a call and show me your best side, babe!

With me, you’re safe to be exactly who you want. Show off how much you love your fetish and we can both laugh at the haters! There is no reason for you to hide from this kinky Goddess! I will always flatter my naughty boys! But, shhh! It’s our little secret, for now!

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