Female Glory Holes – do they exist?

Glory Holes – I admit I would go to them! I worked as a Glory Hole Girl for a shift and I got so turned on. Yeah, I would probably pay money to play with a stranger’s dick.

My friend got a job at a sex shop. She didn’t mind the job. The place was kind of sleazy but it was usually quiet, so she could do her school work during her shift. One night she called me. “Sara- you need money, right?” Of course, I need money, I responded. Why do you think I’ve been doing phone sex? I am a broke college student.

“Well if you come to the store tonight, I can promise you, you will make money.” She explained that a group of guys just came off of a tour bus, and they all wanted a “glory hole” experience. “I swear I would do it if I could, Sara. But I have to stay at the counter.”

I really needed some cash. The semester was starting and I had books and supplies to buy. Fuck, what the hell, I thought. I love sucking cock and I’m really good at it. How bad could it be? I actually started getting excited at the thought of sucking many cocks in one day.

I went to the store, and my friend escorted me to a closet-like space with a bench. The wall in front of the bench had a hole. It was definitely weird, but it is what it is and I’m here to make the best of it.

Glory Hole Cock Sucking! I will be the BEST cock sucker they have.

She suggested I take off my shirt. Some guys cum hard and it’s just easier to clean up without a shirt. She told me I would get paid $50 for every dick. It wasn’t long before the first dick popped out of the hole. I took that cock in my hand and started to suck and lick it. I could feel the cock twitch and grow in my mouth. As he was about to cum, I pulled it out, and let him shoot his load on my chest.

This glory hole was amazing.

Sucking cock after cock that night made my pussy so drenching wet. I would actually touch my pussy and jerk off while sucking. The last guy had an amazing big black cock! I wanted that cock. I wanted it more than just my mouth, I actually pressed my pussy up to the hole and I let him enter me. We both came hard! I had an epiphany that moment and realized that Glory Holes are not just for men to enjoy!

Instead of Glory Hole what if we used a Priest confessional and whispered back and forth as phone sex instead of being on the phone. Would be interesting right? Dirty whispers from booth to booth.

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