Our adventure in female domination continues…

We left part one with me and some poor sucker tied up and ready for female domination. In my fantasy, I was working in a hotel where a sexy Fem Dom left a naked man bound and gagged in a hotel room. He was a misogynist pig who had been harassing women in the hotel all weekend so I was ecstatic to find him there and decided to take advantage of the situation…

Picking up the harness and dildo on the bed next to him, my pussy began to throb as I slipped it on over my panties. Mmmm… the harness fits PERFECTLY. My panties were already soaked, imagining the woman who wore it before me. The way it must have slid over her black thigh highs, how good she must have looked with a thick cock and those red heels. I looked at myself in the mirror, lifting the skirt of my maid uniform to grasp the dildo and give it a shake. I slipped a finger into his ass hole and said, “tell me I look pretty.” He shrieked ball-gagged nonsense igniting me into a cackle of laughter.

“I’ll untie once you finish cleaning up all this garbage with your teeth,” I said with a snort, spreading his ass cheeks to spit on his hole, “and after you clean up all these disgusting cum stains with your mouth.” I placed the tip of my cock on his little pucker and pushed my hips forward. I moaned when I felt the head of my dick break through. He screamed in anger, but the noises he made slowly shifted into choked moans of pleasure the deeper my cock disappeared inside of him.

Sliding in and out, I began to rhythmically pound his ass– steady, thorough and with a quick jerk forward to make the “slap” sound I love so much.

I was dripping wet, so turned on listening to him moan and cry out while pounding away at his ass, still holding up the skirt of my uniform. I could feel it building inside me, I was going to cum without even touching myself! Grabbed the back strap of his ball gag, steadying myself as I thrust harder. My thighs smacking against him, screaming out as I felt the orgasm build inside of me and erupt. My whole body was on fire and I felt amazing.

Too high to walk, I pulled the cock out of him and threw myself down on the bed. I looked over at him, panting and exhausted. I decided to be kind and took the ball gag out, pulling it down so that it dangled from his neck. The first thing to leave his filthy mouth was, “Alright slut, it’s my turn now– right? Untie me, bitch.”

The pathetic worm didn’t earn his lesson, female domination means that I am in charge and you don’t talk shit to the boss. I put the gag right back in, stood up, smoothed out my skirt and gave him a big “FUCK YOU!” before I turned and left.

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