Is utter humiliation your biggest turn on?

I live for the humiliation of men, overpowering them and reminding them who is the boss… which inspired this story.

I was working at a high-end hotel that paid well and knew how to keep dirty little secrets… “be on time, get your work done, no one will bother you!” It was perfect; I could do whatever I wanted to like the party with the guys in the kitchen or fuck in any of the empty rooms.

Another thing I loved about my job was the crazy stuff tenants would leave behind… dildos, bottles of champagne, handcuffs, you name it! But the best thing ever left behind was a man hogtied and gagged on a bed. I distinctly remember watching a sexy woman with a FemDom presence check out that day. She returned the key and gave me a mischievous smile when our eyes met. I watched her walk off, admiring the sound of her black pantyhose swishing into the distance, accompanied by the click-clack of fire red, high heels.

Nonchalantly letting myself into her room, I shut the door behind me and heard a sound coming from the bed. I followed the muffled cries and found the little present she had left. A completely naked, bound and gagged man writhing on the bed. I couldn’t help but laugh at him until I noticed how disgusting the room was!

It was completely trashed; cum stains, empty liquor bottles and garbage all over the floor.

I walked towards him, crouching down so that we were at eye level… I recognized him. He was the asshole we had received endless complaints about; noise, wild parties, leaving the pool area trashed and harassing women.

He squealed in relief at the sight of me, forcing muffled pleas through his ball gag– “HELP ME!”

Looking around the room at the mess he had made, I wasn’t feeling particularly helpful. Grabbing the hair on the back of his head to lift it, I said “You know how much I hate ass holes like you?! You know that someone has to clean this shit up, right?” His eyes got huge and he began to argue muffled nonsense.

I walk around the bed to get a good look at him and what I was working with… there was a flogger on the floor, a dildo and harness next to him on the bed and some more rope. His balls were already bound, slightly purple and looking like they might pop. I tickled them and laughed as he wriggled, “no wonder that woman left you here, you disgusting pig. You’re going to get what you deserve.”

(humiliation To be continued…)

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