Feet fetish proposition is made between dirty daddy and babysitter.  She takes it.

Feet fetish games are what he called them after I took the three hundred dollars.  He pulled my shoes off and started kissing my toes and the bottom of my foot, too.  I was embarrassed because I had been walking on them all day.  Then the sniffing started.  He inhaled deeply as I rested both of my feet against his face.  I could see the bulge in his pants grow bigger and bigger with each sniff.  It was so dirty!

Then the tasting started.

It tickled a lot when he ran his tongue up and down the sole of my foot.  What he was doing was so weird.  I shouldn’t have been giggling about it.  He started to suck on my toes individually next.  From big toe to small toe, he slobbered all over my little piggies, making a mess of them!  But that’s because he was getting them ready for…his cock.

I was so blinded by the money that I completely forgot that it did mean I’d have to see and feel his mature cock up against me.  When he whipped it out, I had to turn away.  It was throbbing now and oozing precum.  He held the soles of my foot together to create a little foot pussy for him.  It was already slick so I’m sure it was like fucking my teen feet and teen pussy at once.  He was not gentle.  It was like he was raping my feet as his cock slammed into them.  If I wanted to keep the money, I had to keep squeezing his cock.  I was unprepared for the load he shot as a result.  There was so much cum hitting my legs, feet, and toes!  I couldn’t believe his balls had so much in them!  After catching his breath, he spoke.

“Wanna babysit next weekend?”

I swallowed, knowing what he was REALLY asking.  “Yes.”

Fetishes don’t have to stop at feet.  What’s yours?  Call my phone sex line and tell me!