I had a paid request the other week for feet crushing fruit.

The request was pretty sparse, but here are the details for my feet crushing fruit experiment. The client wanted me in heels, no socks, and occasionally bare feet. Then, I was to step on various fruits, both in heels and in bare feet, and compare the sensations. My client would pay for the fruit I crushed (no small thing here in Alaska) and a little extra. In return, I got permission to share my findings with all of you, so please enjoy my feet crushing fruit. 

The Equipment

The heels were big, chunky white heels. They are made of some sort of PVC, which makes them easy to clean. They add about 5 inches to my height, and I love how easy they are to slip on and off. I had a kiddie pool outside to keep the mess to a minimum– there’s not concrete here to squish the fruit on. The weather was surprisingly warm for Alaska, above freezing, so there was no worry about the fruit freezing. Plus, there was no chance of cold feet! (Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun). 

And as promised, I bought a collection of fruit. Stone fruits, melons, citrus, and apples lined my fridge doors. Of course, the client received a photo of the fruit! Once done, I took them out to the kiddie pool to crush them! 

Melons and Bananas

For these, I had to use pre-cut squares in containers. We don’t have ripe melons right now! 


With a heel, there were lots of crunching. There was no resistance to my heel as I slammed my foot down. However, with my bare feet, the soft fleshy bits of the melon made their way up my toes. The juice was thicker than other fruits. Plus, I swear my feet looked softer afterward! It was a surprise pampered feet worship for my feet crushing fruit!


With a heel, there was a lot of crunching. My heel actually slipped a little on the seeds, which is embarrassing. But with my foot, the crunching was far, far less. There were more chunks that exploded as I set my foot down, and hit the edge of the kiddie pool. I wonder if me purchasing the watermelon in chunks also helped with that. In summary, having chunks of watermelon might have made it easier for chunks to escape, rather than my foot sinking down into the crunchy red insides.


So for this one, I tried bananas of varying mushiness. Green bananas also pieced out in little chunks, but they didn’t shoot across the kiddie pool. Ripe bananas actually mushed in between my toes, growing upwards like a time-lapse video. The mushy, brown bananas seemed much, much colder than the others, and far more liquidy. Comparing it to food textures, the green bananas were like an over-kneaded dough, while the ripe bananas were like the dough itself. However, the brown bananas were like dough with far too much water in it.



The strawberries were too ripe. Some of them were already mush. But that’s the quality of food up here in Alaska, where everything needs to be shipped in from afar. Still, the leaves on the strawberries were fun to pinch into the bottom of the pool with my heels, and the flesh left fun pink stains on my heels. When I used my bare feet, though, the seeds began to tickle. I ended jumping up and down as I tickled myself!


Normally, blueberries are everywhere in Alaska– berries should be our state fruit. But it’s not berry season yet, so I braved the odd looks when I put the blueberries in my cart. Someone actually asked me– through the 6 feet of social distancing, of course– if maybe I’d like to buy some actual blueberries from her frozen stock? 

So these steroid blue balls calling themselves blueberries… well, honestly, they popped underneath my feet. When I pressed down, slowly, in my heels, they burst over and over again. I had blue and purple and yellow pulp across not only my heels but also my thigh. Their juicy mess quickly became sticky, and I had to clean my bare feet twice. 

And you know, when stepping on them in my bare feet? Since I’m so used to darker, smaller berries… it wasn’t hard to picture a man’s balls underneath my feet. So blue and ready to bust and then I just 






These sorts of reports up your alley? Then get your feet crushing fruit with me! Let’s get it on with our fetish phone sex!

Feet Crushing Fruit