Fearful Teen Virgin

But then again, what if she actually was a virgin?  It would be awful if I really were doing all of this to an innocent, scared virgin, wouldn’t it?  “You need to leave this girl alone,” my rational brain cautioned me.

But why couldn’t I stop thinking about her untouched, pure, tight pussy?  The thought that I would always be her first was almost more than I could take. 

Fearful Teen Virgin Con Artist?

On the other hand, what if she was the naughty teen slut that I always thought she was.  And what if she was unexpectedly just a really good actor and had me fooled.  I wouldn’t put that past this little con artist in front of me.  

Whether she was a fearful teen virgin or a manipulative whore didn’t matter.  I realized that I needed to stop pondering that question and enjoy this helpless, half-naked, smoking hot teenage girl in front of me. Whether I would have been her first or her hundredth, her tits were out, and her nipples were still hard.  And there was only a towel between my throbbing cock and her tight, young pussy.

The state of that towel needed to change immediately.  I had waited long enough, and I wanted to see the perfect round ass and that fresh, youthful cunt of this fearful teen virgin.  “Drop the towel onto the floor,” I said calmly.  She hesitated and seemed to want to hold onto the last bit of modesty she had.

Could She Cry on Command?

“Now,”  I said.  The tiniest bit more aggressively than the first time.  She looked every bit at the frightened teen virgin as she unwillingly dropped it to the floor.  Her fear and reluctance was making me hornier than I had ever been. “Turn in a circle very slowly,” I directed. I wanted to get a good look at this hot fearful teen virgin.  

The tears started again at that demand, and I loved it.  She was totally under my control, and I couldn’t get enough of that feeling.  I still didn’t know if she was just acting, though.  I wouldn’t put it past her to be able to cry on command to make me feel sorry for her.  Either way, I didn’t care.

The first thing I noticed was that she had a soft mound of neatly trimmed pubes, perfectly accenting her perfect pussy.  I was surprised.  I thought that such a slutty girl would shave her cunt bald. But this look was evidence that she was a fearful teen virgin.  

I Almost Lost Control

As she turned a little more, I had a nice view of that spectacular pert ass.  I thought that she might be relieved to be facing away from me.  But I couldn’t have that.  I told her to bend over as far as she could and to spread her pussy lips open. And to stay that way until I gave her permission to stop.  

She did what I told her to do, and I almost lost all control when I saw that pink hole where I so badly wanted to bury my unbelievably swollen and aching cock.  


Well, my sexy perverts…

What do you think about our fearful teen virgin? Do you think she’s a con artist who can cry on command?  I don’t even know! Not sure what’s going on here? Well, luckily I do!   So, just head to part one of our bad step daughter story and catch up with the rest of us!

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