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When I was in my teens my uncle stayed with us for a while when he was going through his divorce and they were fun times when he was here, he was kind of a free spirit and when my parents were out he’d let me drink with him and he told me all kinds of inappropriate things my parents wouldn’t have approved of at all. He told me he was getting divorced because he wanted an open relationship and his wife didn’t, and he liked to fuck too much to be with only one woman and she kicked him out after he saw one too many girls on the side.
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I was surprised when he told me all these ladies he was fucking in addition to my aunt.  But he said variety was the spice of life and he wanted a lot of variety! Most uncles are more colorful than our dads, but he was one of a kind. He said his sex drive was too much for his wife and masturbation wasn’t enough for him.  Then he asked me if I masturbated. I did but I didn’t really want to talk about it. He was so direct and honest, I couldn’t help but develop a crush on him.  And slowly I started to fantasize about him when I did masturbate and I started to wear tighter clothes . And more low cut things just to tease my own uncle, I was a very bad girl.

I Wanted Him To Hear Me Play With My Pussy

One day my parents were out and I knew he’d be home and I started to masturbate and left my door half open and was not quiet, I knew the chances he’d come to see what the racket was were good and I was right.   He took the bait. He just stood there in the door watching me and I looked over.   Then he took his cock out and started to also masturbate. And we watched each other and he moved closer to the bed and he put his cock head at my lips and I started to suck on my own uncle’s cock, I felt like such a little slut.

He stripped down, I was already laying there totally naked, and he climbed on top of me.  And slid his already hard cock inside of me and it felt so good. He was pumping away and I had my legs wrapped around him nice and tight and he just fucked the living shit out of me and I soon came all over his cock .

But he didn’t cum yet and he just kept thrusting and thrusting and all of a sudden I came yet again and I milked his dick so good inside of me he then blew his load in my cunt. I had my own uncle’s sperm in my teen pussy. We played like this several times when we had the privacy to do so until he moved out on his own after his divorce was finalized. My parents never knew. I tell really hot kinky sex stories ! Give me a call!

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