The sexual fetish confessions you spill to me every day…
your sexual fetish confessions
You love cock!

And you want to tell me all about how much you want it, in great detail. I love hearing about it from each one of you – so much that I start to get wet every time I hear a guy say “I have a confession, Stevie…” because most of the time that ends in “I love cock so much…”  

Maybe a big, hard BBC is what you crave.  A thick, dark cock in your pretty white mouth is a really good look for you! Sometimes along with your sexual fetish confessions, you want to be forced, blackmailed or otherwise compelled into sucking cock, although I really don’t think that any coercion would be necessary…

Maybe you’ve never even had it.  Or it’s been a really long time since that one time in school or it’s even just a fantasy.  But you crave it. You want to suck them, get fucked by them and have them cum all over you. I had no idea how much guys love cock but you have made sure that I do now!  And I can’t get enough of you confessing it to me!your sexual fetish confessions

You want to watch your wife fuck another guy

Oh, you cuckold sexual fetish confession guys.  I just adore you.  Thinking about your lady cheating on you with a stronger and more virile man should fill you with anger and jealousy.  Right? But no…not you. Not if you’re a cuckold! You want to watch, do what you’re told to do and bonus points if you like a little humiliation along with your cuckoldery.  Maybe you get off on the shame of your inadequate dick size. I like to think of all of this as emotional masochism.

Your wife lets this well-endowed man do things to her that she’s never let you do.  He’s had his big cock all the way down her throat, fucked her tight little ass and done whatever the fuck he wanted to her beautiful pussy.  Meanwhile, the closest you get to her pussy is cleaning her up with your tongue after her man friend dumps his load inside of her and it’s dripping down her thighs.   Don’t even try to deny it – serving her that way makes your dick rock hard every time!

Next up – more of your favorite sexual fetish confessions!


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