I love you guys and your cuckold humiliation stories!

Seriously, I really do. Your stories are just so hot and the way you describe how much your wonderfully slutty wives turn you on by fucking men who are so much bigger and stronger than you is such a turn on. Cuckold phone sex is one of my absolute favorite things!

I love how you have come to accept and even embrace how much it makes your cock rock hard and dripping, even though at first you may have hated the idea of your wives and girlfriends even looking at another man.

But, just as you may have seen it as a betrayal at first, at one time so did everyone. The word and the idea of cuckold humiliation are actually super old – like centuries old. They even used to write poems about it back in the day. Poems! I bet some of you guys would write me a poem about your ladies and their guy pals with their huge cocks. In fact, why don’t you do that!

And, a fun fact!

Did you know that word cuckold comes from the cuckoo bird that is known for laying its eggs in the nests of other kinds of birds? Birds are such sluts, ya’ll!

So, back then the husband usually had no idea what his wife was doing all those times when she was supposedly out with her girlfriends. But what fun is that? You cuckolds need to know that you’re not man enough to keep your woman from straying and you’re a huge sissy for not only letting her get away with it but for enjoying it so fucking much!

I know how much you crave that cuckold humiliation and shame that comes from knowing your cock is just too small to satisfy your lady. And you’re never going to be able to give her those toe-curling orgasms she needs so badly.

Next up… My favorite things that you cuckold guys to tell me about…



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