My Favorite Sex Toys 

I love sex toys! They bring an extra element of excitement and pleasure to any sexual experience. While I enjoy experimenting with all types of toys I, of course, have my favorite sex toys that I return to again and again. Maybe we can play with some of these during our super hot phone sex! I can’t wait. 

Pain and Pleasure

Nothing is hotter than giving up control and letting my lover have their way with me. Blindfold me, tie me down, restrain me. Then add impact toys to heighten the experience. The best part of being blindfolded is not knowing when the pain is coming, the anticipation is, in itself, erotic. 

I love getting my ass spanked with large paddles. They leave my ass so red and tender. I get off on the titillating snap that sounds when being whipped by a riding crop all over my body. Mixing pain and pleasure creates an out of body experience and mind-blowing orgasms. Wouldn’t you like to tie me up and spank me? 

But, don’t forget, I’m a switch, so sometimes I’m going to want to give what I just received. I hope you’re up for the pain. Don’t worry, you’ll be rewarded with lots of pleasure too.  

Three Words: Remote Control Vibrator

Imagine this, you hold in your hand a remote control that controls a vibrator that is hugging my g-spot and clit. You decide what level of vibrations are delivered to my most delicate areas. You are in complete control of when I can cum. It’s up to you to tease me, edge me until I beg you to let me cum, or quickly bring me to an intense orgasm. Can you see why this is one of my favorite sex toys?

I would imagine one of the best scenarios to use a remote control vibrator is when you want to turn me into a giantess French girl and my clit is bigger than you are. Having a remote control vibrator inside me and at your control would be the perfect way to pleasure a giantess. Just close your eyes and imagine watching me orgasm from your tiny perspective standing between my legs and looking up at my pussy. What an erotic front row seat! 

Fun Fantasy Toys 

You know I love all things fantasy and sci-fi. I’m a nerdy bombshell blonde and I know you love that about me. That’s why you won’t be surprised these are among my favorite sex toys, they’re just so fun. Ever seen a dildo that looks like a lightsaber, a ball gag that looks like the Death Star, or a massage wand with the head of Darth Vader? Not only are they fun, but they also make me cum! What’s better than that? 

Of course, my ultimate favorite sex toy is a dildo. A dick that never quits is something every slutty girl needs to own. And my favorite kinds are fantasy dildos! I have one that looks like a dragon’s dick, an octopus’ tentacle, and a unicorn’s horn. Their unique shape makes for such intense orgasms and the fantasies I create while I’m fucking them are just wild! Want to hear about them? Let’s have fun with my favorite sex toys!


Call me for some wild fantasy phone sex!