That Time I Turned into a Sexy Giantess French Girl

I really needed to sleep in after my wet and wild labor day weekend. Being a kinky slut really takes it out of you. But, that didn’t stop me from dreaming about phone sex porn all night. When I woke up it was late morning and I was already horny as hell. I threw the covers off and sat up in just my lacy white panties and little see-through nighty. I knew you were coming over soon for what you called a ‘fuck fest’ and I couldn’t wait. But, I had no idea that meant turning me into a sexy giantess French girl! I mean, being a sexy French girl is nothing new but I’d never experienced being a giantess and it was a wild experience like no other. 

The first thing I noticed was a tiny bottle on the side table labeled, Drink Me. That’s when I knew you had already been there and had let me sleep. How sweet! I figured this was some sort of an aphrodisiac and quickly drank it down. Within seconds I had the shock of my life. Suddenly, I was growing taller and taller. I broke through the roof of my house and my arms and legs burst through windows, a la Alice of Wonderland. I must have been 100 feet tall! In total disbelief, I just sat there with the remains of my house around me. The transformation was complete, I was a smoking hot giantess French girl. 

Your Giantess French Girl Fantasy is Complete

You must have been hiding out because I suddenly saw you naked and struggling to climb up my leg. I just had to laugh, you were so unbelievably tiny. You walked all the way up my leg then stopped to admire my enormous tits in my sheer nighty that had somehow grown with me. Then you pulled open the band of my panties and without warning just dove inside. You grabbed onto my clit as you went down and used your entire body to massage it. It pulsated with pleasure. 

I gently pressed your body to my clit to apply more pressure then used your entire body as a clit stimulator. I squirted with pleasure and I thought you may be washed away but you held on tightly. Then, you jumped down and before I realized what was happening, you walked inside my pussy. Your entire body felt so good entering me. I opened my legs wider and moaned loudly as you fucked me with your whole body.  I was losing my mind as you went in and out, over and over, and finally, I screamed out as I came. This time my sweet juices did wash you out.  

Eating You for a Change

I don’t really know what came over me. Maybe the power of my massive height was sinking in or the high from two amazing orgasms, but I had a sudden urge. As I saw you spill out of my wet twat, I picked you up by your head and held you up high. Your body flailed and you yelled for me to put you back down. I watched you, completely helpless to my desires, and smiled before opening my mouth wide. Then I dropped you in like a tiny amuse-bouche, chewed you up and swallowed you down. You were absolutely delicious! 

Suddenly, I jolted up in bed. Everything was back to normal. My home was no longer in shambles and I was back to my normal size. Was it a dream? I was slightly disappointed. But then I saw the Drink Me bottle on the floor and… it was empty.


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