Wanna Know What Sex Positions Make Me Cum Hard?

You know I love fucking. But not all fucking is the same. Depending on the mood, there are different sex positions that get me over the edge. Here’s my favorite three that are sure to make me cream right your on big thick cock.

Cowgirl. I climb on top of you. Straddling you, and squatting right over your cock. My tight pussy lips dripping with anticipation. I want to push down but I want to tease you too. Holding your cock I start rubbing it right on my clit. My moaning just turns you on more and more. I can’t help it and I start pushing down on your hard dick. Every inch of it buried inside me and I have full control of it. Sliding up and down, soon your balls will be coated with my cream.

Doggy. You flip me over and I lay flat on my stomach. Straddling my thighs, you spread my ass and look my soaking wet holes from behind. Spit on them, I beg you to. When you do all your saliva runs down to the sheets. Take your cock and shove it in me. Your whole weight on top of me makes the head of your cock throb right on my g-spot. You don’t stop even after I tell you I am close. You keep fucking me hard. Just like that, you make me squirt all over your sheets.

Legs on your shoulders. Missionary is amazing, but I want you deeper. You take my legs and put them up on your shoulders. Your dick slides right in as my cunt is already juicy. Just like that I can take more of your dick. It feels so fucking good. Lean over and kiss me. Don’t stop pounding me because I am about to cum all over your dick.

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