Father’s Day Fun: It was a day to remember

Father’s Day Fun: Fathers day week should make us all reflect on all the good times Daddy has given us. A loving father is wonderful, but a dirty one is better. Incest is best, and my family believes that sex is a loving way to express your feelings for each other.
I often recollect one Father’s Day many years ago. I don’t know if I can top the festivities that we all enjoyed together that year, but I will let you know. My erotic story of the past Father’s day weekend will blow your mind and your cock.

We all decided on a family camping trip.

My father loves to fish, so this would be perfect. My mother is the opposite, so she demanded an RV to sleep in, whereas Daddy and I used a tent. There is something about sleeping outside that makes me horny. Maybe the scent of nature takes over my body. I knew the moment that my parents went for a walk, I needed to release some pent up tension.
Alone in my tent, the breeze rushing over my naked body, I finger fucked my pussy while dreaming of Daddy. I have always wanted to fuck him, so why not? Little did I know, my mother and father were watching me through the open window, I didn’t even know I had some voyeurism going on. I was already squiring when I noticed the heavy panting from outside.

Father’s Day Fun: Daddy jacked off to me masturbating.

I wasn’t ashamed of my finger fucking, but this was the first time they both saw me do it together. Licking my fingers as an invite to them both, they called me out of the tent. I love my sexy body, so never bothered to put on clothes. Daddy told Mom to have me spread myself open on the picnic table  I thought he was going to fuck my sweet little snatch. Nope. My mother dived her face into my cunt, and daddy fucked her from behind.
Her tongue pushed into my slippery hole that same time daddy took hers. Family fun sex is the best I’ve ever had. My hand gripped her hair, ramming my pussy against her face. Daddy groped my tits and finger fucked my mouth. His slippery digits pushing across my tongue and down my throat. When I choked, I knew I peed a little in my mother’s mouth. She drank all that piss and sucked the hole. I was so happy when he pulled out of her and pushed into me. I deserve his dick the most. My pussy is tighter.

Father’s Day Fun: Daddy likes my tight young pussy.

My own father rammed my pussy full of 8 inches of cock, and my mom sat on my face. I tongue fucked her gaping gash while a dick pounded my cervix. You can’t even imagine how good it feels to know that your own father is filling you with seed. Or that your mother is letting you tongue punch her birth canal. I sucked and fucked her with my mouth, sending daddy on a roller coaster orgasm. He shot all his seed deep inside of me. Who knew that would upset my mother as much as it did?
I spread my legs as wide as they would go, crying out when she sucked the honey from my hole. Between gulps of daddy’s cum, she spanked my pussy hard. Each time telling me that I was a cum stealing little slut and she wanted her man’s seed back. I never thought of it like that, but now it sounds so hot. She didn’t stop drinking until I came hard, squirting like a drinking fountain. My mommy obviously loved The Joy Of Oral Sex.

The more I came the more she drank.

My family fun weekend with Mommy and Daddy turned out to be wild. All three of us fucked none stop, and when the park ranger came, so did I. My parents invited him into our love nest. I made sure to be a good daughter and give him a proper welcome. In the game warden’s truck, I gave my first road head. That’s another story though. It’s Fathers day weekend and I need to make plans. Come home and see me, Daddy. I’m waiting to play with you.
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