I grew up in a family fun household and in turn, my husband and I had the same in our family. We didn’t force anyone into sexual activity, when they came to us curious, instead of a “talk” we would show them what they wanted to know. My husband thought it would be fun to create father-daughter incest videos to document our daughter advancing sexually over the years.

Our whole family is very much family fun-oriented. My siblings raise their family just as I do. My nephew, Mike and I, make sure that we get to spend time together all year long. We have always been close and had aunt and nephew sex.

Father-daughter incest videos are the perfect way for “quality” time with him.

Back then we were members of a small community of like-minded people. Leo and the other dads even did daughter swaps. He enjoyed spending time with the other young ladies, but our daughter was always his favorite. They had a special bond that has seen her through many life moments. Her dad is her rock and she will always count on him. I respect that bond very much.

Truthfully, our whole family is very tight-knit. We have always been that way. If someone needs something, we rally behind them to make sure they get it. The other dads are similarly bonded with their daughters and have father-daughter incest videos. Everyone loves to share them at holiday get-togethers. The air is electric as we watch the videos and play together.

Some have said we shouldn’t have such videos, but they are family only viewing.

Being the camera “man” for the filming was extremely hot! I loved being involved in their playtime and helping to capture those moments for them. Once and while my husband would have me join in and our son would film.

The other dads in our community loved the idea so much, they started filming their own father-daughter incest videos. I am friends with all the moms and we all cherished the time we got to help and film. Our community is very caring and loving, not only with our own but with the other families. This strong foundation helped raise responsible people to send out into the world.

The younger family members in our community didn’t have to go out and get into trouble with other folks their age, trying sex with just anyone. They were already educated and had what they needed at home. Of course, our interactions provided the experience they needed to make good decisions in all areas of their lives.

Good parenting, raising intelligent, responsible human beings helped shape them for wonderful adult life.

Alice has a master’s degree in business. Additionally, she is a corporate executive, happily married, children, a nice home, and a loving family. I like to think we helped guide her to that successful life.

Of all the father-daughter incest videos I think my favorite is when Alice was in her barely legal. She was developing into a beautiful woman. Alice has teardrop breasts with aureolas the prettiest pink color, perfectly formed. Her butt was round and firm and she had the nicest, long legs. And you wonder where I get my experience for granny phone sex?!

We had fun making a mini-movie!

This would be our most elaborate father-daughter incest video. Leo would save her from a kidnapper, her brother. Once Leo saved her and she would repay him with sex. Leo is trying to be cavalier, but Alice is pushing him to take her. As she is caressing his arm, his cock starts to get hard in his pants.

Alice drops down to her knees, whips her father’s penis out, and goes to work sucking it like a pro. Of course, Leo is in ecstasy, moaning as she manipulates his pole to her will. I go in close as her lips are working the flesh of his cock.

This father-daughter incest video was so fun and cheesy. Additionally, we love it and watch it every year during the holidays. Talk about a steamy family night! Of course, I would love to share more of the fun with you on a call!