Farting The Night Away – My Best Friend Is A Naughty Bitch!

Farting is definitely not for everyone. But, my best friend is one naughty bitch with a huge love for people farting in her mouth. She comes over sometimes for a sleepover and eats my pussy and wants me to fart in her mouth. I just let her do what she wants!

It is a Friday night and I get off work and text my best friend, Regina. She says she’s going to be in town and wants to stay the night. Of course, I say yes. And I hop into the shower to scrub myself and shave.

I dry off and find the cutest dress with the easiest access. Definitely not going to be wearing any panties and have to make sure my dress is short as fuck. And I find the perfect one, red with a lot of cleavage and just under my ass. I am ready for some pussy!

About an hour later Regina walks in and says “Hey bitch! Let’s go get some food. I am ready to eat.” So, we head to Olive Garden and eat all the pasta and breadsticks. Sadly, I am lactose intolerant and it gives me terrible gas.

We head back to my place and I can feel my tummy rumbling a bit. Regina says “You had a lot of dairy at Olive Garden… are you gonna be okay?” I laugh and say, “Yeah, I’ll be fine but be prepared for some farting.”

We laugh as we walk into my place.

Regina puts her purse down and walks over to me as she takes off her t-shirt. I smile because I am ready for those gorgeous big titties of her to be in my mouth. She grabs my hand and we head to my bedroom. She rips off my dress and spanks my ass.

And she gets naked and lies down on the bed and has me get on top of her and has me lie in the 69 position. Then she spanks me and starts to lick my pussy. I moan and lean down to start eating her gorgeous bald pussy. But, out of absolutely NOWHERE, I let out a little toot into her mouth.

I gasp and sit up. She keeps holding onto my thighs so I couldn’t jump off. I say “Oh my fucking god. I am so sorry! Oh god.”

I am completely mortified but Regina is quiet. She’s licking my asshole with vigor and from under my ass she mumbles “Do it again.” I say “W-what?” She comes up for air and says “The farting in my mouth. Do it again.”

So, I listen to her and let out another little toot into her mouth. She starts to suck on my asshole. I couldn’t believe it! I had no idea that she was into farting at all. She has never said anything about it.

She just keeps licking and sucking on my tight little butthole. So, I see if I can conjure up a big one just for her. She sticks her finger inside and tries to gape my asshole a bit to get some air in there. I push and feel something coming out a bit.

And that’s when I let out a HUGE one into her mouth.

She comes up for air and says “God damn. This is so fucking hot. Eat my pussy as you let ’em rip on me.” I lean down and eat her pussy some more as she eats mine.

I know that Regina is one dirty little slut but man, I had no idea she was into farting! It’s so new and crazy to think about but I wasn’t thinking anymore. I am busy eating her sweet cunt and making a big fart in my tummy just for her. And so she starts licking my asshole again.

I feel her tongue wriggle inside of my asshole. So, I push and concentrate on giving her a big one. And within a few seconds there it was. A LOUD and stinky one just for Regina. She sniffed hard and kept licking my pussy and ass.

Right after she cums quick! And I was like “Wow, so, you really are the dirtiest bitch I know.” This was so exciting and made me think of the buttfuck I had a few weeks ago.

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