Fart Fetish? If You Really Want Me To Fart In Your Mouth.

I will, baby. I will. No fetish is too wild. Not even a fart fetish. Dear Perverts. The sexual universe in which I orbit has absolutely no limits. So if you’re planning to judge anyone based on this topic, I suggest you find another blog to use your precious little cones and rods on. We’re here for hardcore fucking.

Let’s go back to the basics first, though. Why NOT have a fart fetish?

You think a woman’s ass is lovely and beautiful and you want to devour everything about it. You love that natural, musky smell, you love the metallic, naughty taste, you love the tightness of her asshole as your force your fingers, tongue, and cock inside…why not make the whole experience even more…effervescent?

A fart fetish seems like a rather normal one to me (not that I’m here to decide what’s normal).


For those of us who love the ass…Personally, I love having my ass played with and I don’t mind being dirty if you like it. It’s a really naughty one, but maybe that’s why I find it so incredibly sexy? I’m not sure.


It can be our little stinky secret.


You, me, a romantic dinner…and something extra for you at the end of the night! Do you have a fart fetish? I’ll fart on your cock inside or outside of my ass, or in your mouth…whatever you want, we’ll make it hot.


I love fetish play because I really get to play.


Using my creativity is one of my favorite things about phone sex! I love the exchange of sexual ideas. Do you have a fart fetish? Well, I love having my ass played with! I think might be the beginning of a delightfully dirty date.