My perverted Uncle Steve has a fart fetish!

I caught my perverted Uncle Steve watching me and jerking off while I was sleeping! The sound of him panting woke me up and I was so grossed out. I was about to scream for my parents but he begged me not to tell on him. When I stopped to think about it, this was my chance to humiliate the crap out of him. While I was planning his punishment in my mind, I never thought for one second that he would have a fart fetish! Agreeing not to tell on him, I got up to lock the door to my room.

He looked so nervous when I did that, I couldn’t help but let out a giggle. I told the perv to lay back on the bed and prepare to be humiliated. Of course, his dick was rock hard, even with him being scared out of his mind. After all, I could change my mind and yell for my parents at any second. I straddled his face backward and his cock gave a little jump. That’s when I let him know that he would not be tasting or fucking my tight teen pussy. I lowered my perfect ass onto his face.

I had on some cute pink boyshorts with purple hearts on them and he loved it when I shoved my ass on his face.

His nose and his mouth were buried between my butt cheeks and he was pushing it deeper between them. I even felt his tongue come out and start licking up and down the crack of my ass through my panties. He has such a panty fetish I had no idea. That’s when I really let it rip and farted right in his face! I’m pretty sure he tasted it too because his tongue was buried in my cheeks. I started laughing when he let out a surprised grunt.

That’s when I quickly realized that my pervy Uncle Steve had a fart fetish. His dick got even harder and he started stroking it while I farted in his face. It didn’t take long for him to make a big sticky mess.

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