I never knew my big brother had such a huge panty fetish!

I never realized that my big brother had a panty fetish until I caught him. School had let out early that day and he wasn’t expecting me. He thought he had the house alone for another couple of hours. I caught him squeezed into a pair of pink panties. He was walking around shaking his ass and checking himself out in the mirror! I couldn’t believe it. Giggles just burst right out of my mouth, I couldn’t help it.

He tried to make excuses but it was too late for that. Clearly, he had a major panty fetish. Finding that out was a big enough shock, but to see him in my panties! I was pissed. It made me wonder how long he had been doing that. Yuck! The thought of him wearing my panties and then slipping them back in my drawer was too much.  I wonder if he could feel my college girl creampie drenching those panties. I was so grossed out that I threw all my panties out and made him buy me all new ones. That wasn’t even close to being good enough though.

If he wanted to prance around like a little sissy then I was going to make him a real sissy! I put makeup on him and made him get down on his knees and kiss my pretty little feet. He had to call me princess and beg for my forgiveness for being such a dirty sissy perv with such a naughty fetish! Of course, I took lots of pics and threatened to show them to all my friends. It was so much fun. He was so desperate for his dirty little secret not to get out, that he was willing to do anything. I turned him into my personal sissy maid. He had to wear makeup and panties with a french maid’s outfit and clean my room every single day for me.

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