Fart fetish is loving the smell of peoples farts.

I know it sounds crazy. Not many people will admit to this fetish. I have a fart fetish and I am not really comfortable admitting it either. In fact, to tell you the truth, Michael doesn’t even know about it. My fart fetish gets me so turned on when I hear someone fart. I know that with that sound comes a smell.

A smell that I love, a smell that makes me get horny, a smell that gets my pussy wet.

I want to stick my nose in the crack of that ass and take a big sniff. Micheal thinks its funny when we lay in bed to fart and throw the blanket over me and hold me down to make me smell his farts. Because of my fart fetish, I love when he does this. I would never let him know that I love it. I make sure to kick and scream and beg him to stop. He finds this so funny, little does he know what this does to me. Sometimes the louder I get the more he does it.

If I’m lucky he will fart four to five times before we go to bed.

There were a couple of times that he has farted while we were having sex. I will have to say that I think I was more turned on by that than anything else. When I heard his ass fart I instantly smiled. He thought I was laughing at him but really I was so happy that it happened. The air filled with the smell of his ass and my pussy became so wet. Fart fetish and fantasy sex stories make me so horny and wet. If they do you also check out my blogs.

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